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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Academic contributions in asian tourism research: A bibliometric analysisCunill, OM; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Merigó, JM; González, LO
1-Mar-2017Accounting Research: A Bibliometric AnalysisMerigó, JM; Yang, JB
1-Jan-2018Analysis on extensions of multi-expert decision making model with respect to OWA-based aggregation processesYusoff, B; Merigó, JM; Hornero, DC
1-Jan-2018Application of fuzzy set/qualitative comparative analysis to public participation projects in support of the EU water framework directiveLlopis-Albert, C; Merigó, JM; Xu, Y; Liao, H
1-Jan-2018Asian academic research in tourism with an international impact: A bibliometric analysis of the main academic contributionsCunill, OM; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Merigó, JM; González, LO
1-Dec-2017A bibliometric analysis of operations research and management scienceMerigó, JM; Yang, JB
1-Jan-2018A bibliometric analysis of the first twenty years of soft computingMerigó, JM; Herrera-Viedma, E; Cobo, MJ; Laengle, S; Rivas, D
1-Apr-2018A Bibliometric Analysis of the First Twenty-Five Years of the International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based SystemsWang, W; Laengle, S; Merigó, JM; Yu, D; Herrera-Viedma, E; Cobo, MJ; Bouchon-Meunier, B
1-Nov-2017A bibliometric analysis of the publications of ronald r. YagerMerigó, JM; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Kacprzyk, J
19-May-2018A Bibliometric History of the Journal of Psychology Between 1936 and 2015Tur-Porcar, A; Mas-Tur, A; Merigó, JM; Roig-Tierno, N; Watt, J
1-Aug-2019A bibliometric research in the tourism, leisure and hospitality fieldsMulet-Forteza, C; Genovart-Balaguer, J; Mauleon-Mendez, E; Merigó, JM
1-Jan-2017Big names in innovation research: A bibliometric overviewCancino, CA; Merigó, JM; Coronado, FC
1-Nov-2018Bonferroni induced heavy operators in ERM decision-making: A case on large companies in ColombiaBlanco-Mesa, F; León-Castro, E; Merigó, JM
1-Jan-2019Bonferroni means with induced ordered weighted average operatorsBlanco-Mesa, F; León-Castro, E; Merigó, JM; Xu, Z
1-Jan-2018Co-words analysis of the last ten years of the international journal of uncertainty, fuzziness and knowledge-based systemsCobo, MJ; Wang, W; Laengle, S; Merigó, JM; Yu, D; Herrera-Viedma, E
1-Jan-2017Distance measures, weighted averages, OWA operators and Bonferroni meansMerigó, JM; Palacios-Marqués, D; Soto-Acosta, P
1-Nov-2017Exploring the Ordered Weighted Averaging Operator Knowledge Domain: A Bibliometric AnalysisHe, X; Wu, Y; Yu, D; Merigó, JM
1-Mar-2018Fifty years of Information Sciences: A bibliometric overviewMerigó, JM; Pedrycz, W; Weber, R; de la Sotta, C
1-Jan-2018Fifty years of the European Journal of Marketing: a bibliometric analysisMartínez-López, FJ; Merigó, JM; Valenzuela-Fernández, L; Nicolás, C
1-Feb-2019Fifty years of Transportation Research journals: A bibliometric overviewModak, NM; Merigó, JM; Weber, R; Manzor, F; Ortúzar, JDD