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2023-12-08Activity-Based Therapy for Mobility, Function and Quality of Life after Spinal Cord Injuries-A Mixed-Methods Case Series.Quel de Oliveira, C; Bundy, A; Middleton, JW; Refshauge, K; Rogers, K; Davis, GM
2019Activity-Based Therapy in a Community Setting for Independence, Mobility, and Sitting Balance for People With Spinal Cord Oliveira, CQ; Middleton, JW; Refshauge, K; Davis, GM
2022-12-21An international survey of the structure and process of care for traumatic spinal cord injury in acute and rehabilitation facilities: lessons learned from a pilot study.Abedi, A; Biering-Sørensen, F; Chhabra, HS; D'Andréa Greve, JM; Khan, NM; Koskinen, E; Kwan, KYH; Liu, N; Middleton, JW; Moslavac, S; Rahimi-Movaghar, V; O'Connell, C; Previnaire, JG; Patel, A; Scivoletto, G; Sharwood, LN; Townson, A; Urquhart, S; Vainionpää, A; Zaman, AU; Noonan, VK; Cheng, CL
2021-09-30Assessing physical activity and health-related quality of life in individuals with spinal cord injury: a national survey in Thailand.Eitivipart, AC; Arora, M; Quel de Oliveira, C; Heard, R; Middleton, JW; Davis, GM
2018-11-08Assessing the impact of care pathways on potentially preventable complications and costs for spinal trauma patients: protocol for a data linkage study using cohort study and administrative data.Vaikuntam, BP; Middleton, JW; McElduff, P; Pearse, J; Walsh, J; Cameron, ID; Sharwood, LN
2013-01Developing a Model of Associations Between Chronic Pain, Depressive Mood, Chronic Fatigue, and Self-Efficacy in People With Spinal Cord InjuryCraig, AR; Tran, YH; Siddall, PJ; Wijesuriya, NS; Lovas, JM; Bartrop, R; Middleton, JW
2023-07Effects of behaviour change interventions on physical activity in people with spinal cord injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Watson, PK; Eitivipart, AC; Davis, GM; Arora, M; Middleton, JW; De Oliveira, CQ
2020-06-03Evaluation of the effectiveness of a novel brain-computer interface neuromodulative intervention to relieve neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: protocol for a single-case experimental design with multiple baselines (Preprint)Hesam-Shariati, N; Newton-John, T; Singh, AK; Tirado Cortes, CA; Nguyen Do, T-T; Craig, A; Middleton, JW; Jensen, MP; Trost, Z; Lin, C-T; Gustin, SM
-Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Novel Brain-Computer Interface Neuromodulative Intervention to Relieve Neuropathic Pain Following Spinal Cord Injury: Protocol for a Single-Case Experimental Design With Multiple Baselines (Preprint)Hesam-Shariati, N; Newton-John, T; Singh, AK; Tirado Cortes, CA; Do, T-TN; Craig, A; Middleton, JW; Jensen, MP; Trost, Z; Lin, C-T; Gustin, SM
2020-06Gap in funding for specialist hospitals treating patients with traumatic spinal cord injury under an activity-based funding model in New South Wales, Australia.Vaikuntam, BP; Middleton, JW; McElduff, P; Walsh, J; Pearse, J; Connelly, L; Sharwood, LN
2019-12Heterogeneous emergency department management of published recommendation defined hypotension in patients with acute traumatic spinal cord injury: A multi-centre overview.Sharwood, LN; Joseph, A; Guo, C; Flower, O; Ball, J; Middleton, JW
2019-08-15Identifying Predictors of Higher Acute Care Costs for Patients With Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury and Modeling Acute Care Pathway Redesign: A Record Linkage Study.Vaikuntam, BP; Middleton, JW; McElduff, P; Connelly, L; Pearse, J; Stanford, R; Walsh, J; Sharwood, LN
2022Leisure-Time Physical Activity in People With Spinal Cord Injury-Predictors of Exercise Guideline Adherence.Watson, PK; Arora, M; Middleton, JW; Quel de Oliveira, C; Heard, R; Nunn, A; Geraghty, T; Marshall, R; Davis, GM
2021-04-20Physical activity recall assessment for people with spinal cord injury: Thai translation and cross-cultural adaptation.Eitivipart, AC; Arora, M; Quel de Oliveira, C; Heard, R; Middleton, JW; Davis, GM
2017Prehospital Predictors of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Victoria, Australia.Oteir, AO; Smith, K; Stoelwinder, J; Middleton, JW; Cox, S; Sharwood, LN; Jennings, PA
2019-07-01Probiotics [LGG-BB12 or RC14-GR1] versus placebo as prophylaxis for urinary tract infection in persons with spinal cord injury [ProSCIUTTU]: a randomised controlled trialToh, SL; Lee, BB; Ryan, S; Simpson, JM; Clezy, K; Bossa, L; Rice, SA; Marial, O; Weber, GH; Kaur, J; Boswell-Ruys, CL; Goodall, S; Middleton, JW; Tuderhope, M; Kotsiou, G
2016-09-01Psychological impact of injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes: Systematic review and meta-analysisCraig, A; Tran, Y; Guest, R; Gopinath, B; Jagnoor, J; Bryant, RA; Collie, A; Tate, R; Kenardy, J; Middleton, JW; Cameron, I
2018-09-27The Epidemiology, Cost, and Occupational Context of Spinal Injuries Sustained While 'Working for Income' in NSW: A Record-Linkage Study.Sharwood, LN; Mueller, H; Ivers, RQ; Vaikuntam, B; Driscoll, T; Middleton, JW
2022-12-15The influence of initial spinal cord haematoma and cord compression on neurological grade improvement in acute traumatic spinal cord injury: A prospective observational study.Sharwood, LN; King, V; Ball, J; Varma, D; Stanford, RW; Middleton, JW
2019-04-29The Nature and Cost of Readmissions after Work-Related Traumatic Spinal Injuries in New South Wales, Australia.Sharwood, LN; Möller, H; Young, JT; Vaikuntam, B; Ivers, RQ; Driscoll, T; Middleton, JW