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2018-11-01Comparing the cost of preparing matched unrelated donor and TCR α<sup>+</sup>β<sup>+</sup>/CD19<sup>+</sup> depleted donor material for pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplants in Australiavan Sambeek, B; Flattery, M; Mitchell, R; De Abreu Lourenco, R
2022-09Effect of an intervention for patients 65 years and older with blunt chest injury: Patient and health service outcomes.Curtis, K; Kourouche, S; Asha, S; Buckley, T; Considine, J; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ; Lam, M; Fry, M
2006Efficient dendronic creation, visualisation and analysis for the detection of stellates in digitised mammogramsMitchell, R
2007-08-01Falls from playground equipment: Will the new Australian playground safety standard make a difference and how will we tell?Mitchell, R; Sherker, S; Cavanagh, M; Eager, D
2006-01A Generic Model of Regulating Supply Chain OutsourcingRawling, MJ; Arup, C; Howe, J; Mitchell, R; Gahan, P; Johnstone, R; Donnell, AO
2021-01Impact of a care bundle for patients with blunt chest injury (ChIP): A multicentre controlled implementation evaluation.Curtis, K; Kourouche, S; Asha, S; Considine, J; Fry, M; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ; D'Amato, A; Skinner, C; Wiseman, G; Buckley, T
2021-06-01Implementation of a hospital-wide multidisciplinary blunt chest injury care bundle (ChIP): Fidelity of delivery evaluationKourouche, S; Curtis, K; Munroe, B; Asha, SE; Carey, I; Considine, J; Fry, M; Lyons, J; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Shaban, RZ; Unsworth, A; Buckley, T
2020-01Implementation of Situational Awareness in the Pediatric Oncology Setting. Does a 'huddle' Work and Is it Sustainable?Chapman, LR; Molloy, L; Wright, F; Oswald, C; Adnum, K; O'Brien, TA; Mitchell, R
2011Knowledge Worker Control: Understanding Via Principal And Agency TheoryMitchell, R; Meacheam, D
2006-01-01Not all risk is bad, playgrounds as a learning environment for children.Mitchell, R; Cavanagh, M; Eager, D
2023-04Playground injury prevention: the need for consistent and national implementation of Australian safety standards.Curtis, K; Brown, J; Sharwood, LN; Risi, D; Eager, D; Holland, AJA; Beck, B; Erskine, C; Lockhart, K; Cooke, K; Adams, S; Teague, WJ; Mitchell, R
2019-12-01Reproductive outcomes following a stem cell transplant for a haematological malignancy in female cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysisGerstl, B; Sullivan, E; Koch, J; Wand, H; Ives, A; Mitchell, R; Hamad, N; Anazodo, A
2019-04-02A study of macro-, meso- and micro-barriers and enablers affecting extended scopes of practice: The case of rural nurse practitioners in AustraliaSmith, T; McNeil, K; Mitchell, R; Boyle, B; Ries, N
2012Synthesizing participatory human rights education and critical consciousness in Australian schoolsHeggart, K; Mitchell, R; Moore, S
2020-08-29The General Practice and Residential Aged Care Facility Concordance of Medication (GRACEMED) study.Makeham, M; Pont, L; Verdult, C; Hardie, R-A; Raban, MZ; Mitchell, R; Purdy, H; Teichert, M; Ingersoll, A; Westbrook, JI
2004-01Why Bounce is BadEager, DM; Chapman, C; Cavanagh, M; Quinn, S; Boland, B; Buchann, P; Warn, A; Harris, W; Eager, D; Corkery, L; Bingham, M; Robbe, F; Mitchell, R; Barnes, S