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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-20Biodegradable plastics and their impact on fingermark detection methods.Woodward, H; Moret, S; Chadwick, S
2013-01-10Cadmium-free quantum dots in aqueous solution: Potential for fingermark detection, synthesis and an application to the detection of fingermarks in blood on non-porous surfacesMoret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
2016-09-01Can “contamination” occur in body bags?—The example of background fibres in body bags used in AustraliaSchwendener, G; Moret, S; Cavanagh-Steer, K; Roux, C
2018-09-01Comment on “Linkage analysis of a model quantitative trait in humans: Finger ridge count shows significant multivariate linkage to 5q14.1” by Medland et al., “Common Genetic Variants Influence Whorls in Fingerprint Patterns” by Ho et al. and “Hot on the Trail of Genes that Shape Our Fingerprints” by Walsh et al.Walton, AD; Moret, S; Gunn, P; Barash, M
2021-09-22Comparison of NIR powders to conventional fingerprint powders.Chadwick, S; Cvetanovski, M; Ross, M; Sharp, A; Moret, S
2019Controlling fingermark variability for research purposes: A reviewSteiner, R; Roux, C; Moret, S
2018-02-01Dataset of coded handwriting features for use in statistical modellingAgius, A; Morelato, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Jones, K; Epple, R; Brown, J; Roux, C
2012-06-10Detection of fingermarks by colloidal gold (MMD/SMD) - beyond the pH 3 limitBecue, A; Scoundrianos, A; Moret, S
2018-11-02An effective Physical Developer (PD) method for use in Australian laboratoriesde la Hunty, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Roux, C
2016-06-01Evaluation of one-step luminescent cyanoacrylate fumingKhuu, A; Chadwick, S; Spindler, X; Lam, R; Moret, S; Roux, C
2020-09Evaluation of the use of chemical pads to mimic latent fingermarks for research purposes.Steiner, R; Moret, S; Roux, C
2014-01-01Fingermark detection on thermal papers: Proposition of an updated processing sequenceFitzi, T; Fischer, R; Moret, S; Bécue, A
2021-07-20Fingermark detection using upconverting nanoparticles and comparison with cyanoacrylate fuming.Kanodarwala, FK; Leśniewski, A; Olszowska-Łoś, I; Spindler, X; Pieta, IS; Lennard, C; Niedziółka-Jönsson, J; Moret, S; Roux, C
2017-12-01Forensic Science: Current State and Perspective by a Group of Early Career ResearchersMorelato, M; Barash, M; Blanes, L; Chadwick, S; Dilag, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Nizio, KD; Spindler, X; Moret, S
2019-07-29The frequency of fingerprint patterns separated by ethnicity and sex in a general population from Sydney, AustraliaWalton, A; Moret, S; Barash, M; Gunn, P
2016-02-01Functionalised silicon oxide nanoparticles for fingermark detectionMoret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
2016-11-01Further investigations into the single metal deposition (SMD II) technique for the detection of latent fingermarksNewland, TG; Moret, S; Bécue, A; Lewis, SW
2018-05-01Impact of one-step luminescent cyanoacrylate treatment on subsequent DNA analysisKhuu, A; Chadwick, S; Moret, S; Spindler, X; Gunn, P; Roux, C
2017-01-01International languages, alphabets and revolution. The ideas of N.V. JušmanovMoret, S