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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10Criteria for developing, assessing and selecting candidate EQ-5D bolt-ons.Mulhern, BJ; Sampson, C; Haywood, P; Addo, R; Page, K; Mott, D; Shah, K; Janssen, MF; Herdman, M
2015An empirical study of two alternative comparators for use in time trade-off studies. EuroQol Working Paper, 15001Shah, KL; Mulhern, BJ; Longworth, L; Janssen, B
2022-07Estimation of a Canadian preference-based scoring algorithm for the Veterans RAND 12-Item Health Survey: a population survey using a discrete-choice experiment.Bansback, N; Trenaman, L; Mulhern, BJ; Norman, R; Metcalfe, R; Sawatzky, R; Brazier, JE; Rowen, D; Whitehurst, DGT
2019-03-15A new method for valuing health: directly eliciting personal utility functionsDevlin, NJ; Shah, KK; Mulhern, BJ; Pantiri, K; van Hout, B
2022-07Preference Elicitation Techniques Used in Valuing Children's Health-Related Quality-of-Life: A Systematic Review.Bailey, C; Howell, M; Raghunandan, R; Salisbury, A; Chen, G; Coast, J; Craig, JC; Devlin, NJ; Huynh, E; Lancsar, E; Mulhern, BJ; Norman, R; Petrou, S; Ratcliffe, J; Street, DJ; Howard, K; Viney, R; Quality of Life in Kids: Key Evidence to Strengthen Decisions in Australia (QUOKKA), Tools for Outcomes Research to Measure, Value Child Health (TORCH) Project Teams,
2020-12The SF-6Dv2: How Does the New Classification System Impact the Distribution of Responses Compared with the Original SF-6D?Whitehurst, DGT; Brazier, JE; Viney, R; Mulhern, BJ
2023-11Understanding the measurement relationship between EQ-5D-5L, PROMIS-29 and PROPr.Mulhern, BJ; Pan, T; Norman, R; Tran-Duy, A; Hanmer, J; Viney, R; Devlin, NJ
2023-08-02Understanding the valuation of paediatric health-related quality of life: a qualitative study protocol.Yu, A; Luo, Y; Bahrampour, M; Norman, R; Street, D; Viney, R; Devlin, N; Mulhern, BJ; Quality Of Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia (QUOKKA) project team,