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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01The impact of Culture, Leadership, Governance, and ICT Systems on Service Innovation in Service Value NetworksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Berg, D; Xie, M; Jiao, R; Kwong, S; Ng, SH
2006-04-01An investigation on electrochemical behavior of nanosize zinc sulfide electrode in lithium-ion cellsWang, J; Wang, G; Yang, L; Ng, SH; Liu, H
2007-08-01Nanostructured nickel sulfide synthesized via a polyol route as a cathode material for the rechargeable lithium batteryWang, J; Chew, SY; Wexler, D; Wang, GX; Ng, SH; Zhong, S; Liu, HK
2006-09-13Nanostructured PbO materials obtained in situ by spray solution technique for Li-ion batteriesKonstantinov, K; Ng, SH; Wang, JZ; Wang, GX; Wexler, D; Liu, HK
2005-10-05Single wall carbon nanotube paper as anode for lithium-ion batteryNg, SH; Wang, J; Guo, ZP; Chen, J; Wang, GX; Liu, HK
2023-06-20Structure and Optical Anisotropy of Spider Scales and Silk: The Use of Chromaticity and Azimuth Colors to Optically Characterize Complex Biological Structures.Linklater, D; Vailionis, A; Ryu, M; Kamegaki, S; Morikawa, J; Mu, H; Smith, D; Maasoumi, P; Ford, R; Katkus, T; Blamires, S; Kondo, T; Nishijima, Y; Moraru, D; Shribak, M; O'Connor, A; Ivanova, EP; Ng, SH; Masuda, H; Juodkazis, S
2006-07-05Sulphur-polypyrrole composite positive electrode materials for rechargeable lithium batteriesWang, J; Chen, J; Konstantinov, K; Zhao, L; Ng, SH; Wang, GX; Guo, ZP; Liu, HK
2006-09-13Synthesis and characterization of nanosize cobalt sulfide for rechargeable lithium batteriesWang, J; Ng, SH; Wang, GX; Chen, J; Zhao, L; Chen, Y; Liu, HK
2006-11-22Synthesis of vanadium pentoxide powders with enhanced surface-area for electrochemical capacitorsLao, ZJ; Konstantinov, K; Tournaire, Y; Ng, SH; Wang, GX; Liu, HK