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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01An analysis on the effectiveness and determinants of the wind power Feed-in-Tariff policy at China's national-level and regional-grid-levelZhang, RXX; Ni, M; Shen, GQP; Wong, JKW
2022-11-01Attacking neural machine translations via hybrid attention learningNi, M; Wang, C; Zhu, T; Yu, S; Liu, W
2015-01-01A comparison of isolated circulating tumor cells and tissue biopsies using whole-genome sequencing in prostate cancerJiang, R; Lu, YT; Ho, H; Li, B; Chen, JF; Lin, M; Li, F; Wu, K; Wu, H; Lichterman, J; Wan, H; Lu, CL; OuYang, W; Ni, M; Wang, L; Li, G; Lee, T; Zhang, X; Yang, J; Rettig, M; Chung, LWK; Yang, H; Li, KC; Hou, Y; Tseng, HR; Hou, S; Xu, X; Wang, J; Posadas, EM
2022-04-25CoProtector: Protect Open-Source Code against Unauthorized Training Usage with Data PoisoningSun, Z; Du, X; Song, F; Ni, M; Li, L
2024Fraud's Bargain Attack: Generating Adversarial Text Samples via Word Manipulation ProcessNi, M; Sun, Z; Liu, W
2023-06-27Fraud's Bargain Attacks to Textual Classifiers via Metropolis-Hasting SamplingNi, M; Sun, Z; Liu, W
2020-11-01Low or No subsidy? Proposing a regional power grid based wind power feed-in tariff benchmark price mechanism in ChinaZhang, R; Shimada, K; Ni, M; Shen, GQP; Wong, JKW
2019-12-08An overview on the status quo of onshore and offshore wind power development and wind power enterprise localization in ChinaZhang, R; Shen, GQP; Ni, M; Wong, JKW
2020-03-01The relationship between energy consumption and gross domestic product in Hong Kong (1992–2015): Evidence from sectoral analysis and implications on future energy policyZhang, R; Shen, GQP; Ni, M; Wong, J
2018-12-01Techno-economic feasibility of solar water heating system: Overview and meta-analysisZhang, R; Shen, GQP; Ni, M; Wong, JKW