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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Archaeological perspectives in information scienceHuvila, I; Olsson, M; Faniel, IM; Dalbello, M; Dallas, C
2023Associations in Perceived Health and Persistent Breathlessness: A Cross-Sectional Study.Kochovska, S; Chang, S; Olsson, M; Ekström, M; Currow, DC
2021-11Breathlessness dimensions association with physical and mental quality of life: the population based VASCOL study of elderly men.Cristea, L; Olsson, M; Currow, D; Johnson, M; Sandberg, J; Ekström, M
-Capital as the outcome of information practices: a study of devotees and monks of a Theravada Buddhist TempleYerbury, H; Olsson, M; Perera, P
2022-01-01Conceptions of place in the information practices of the Mahamewnawa Asapuwa Temple communityYerbury, H; Perera, P; Olsson, M
2019-12-01Enacting and capturing embodied knowledge in the practices of enthusiast car restorers: Emerging themesLloyd, A; Olsson, M
2022-06-21Exploring the most important factors related to self-perceived health among older men in Sweden: a cross-sectional study using machine learning.Olsson, M; Currow, DC; Ekström, MP
2023Factors important for health-related quality of life in men and women: The population based SCAPIS study.Olsson, M; Björkelund, AJ; Sandberg, J; Blomberg, A; Börjesson, M; Currow, D; Malinovschi, A; Sköld, M; Wollmer, P; Torén, K; Östgren, C-J; Engström, G; Ekström, M; Hamasaki, H
2019-03-19Genome-wide association meta-analysis of functional outcome after ischemic strokeSöderholm, M; Pedersen, A; Lorentzen, E; Stanne, TM; Bevan, S; Olsson, M; Cole, JW; Fernandez-Cadenas, I; Hankey, GJ; Jimenez-Conde, J; Jood, K; Lee, JM; Lemmens, R; Levi, C; Mitchell, BD; Norrving, B; Rannikmäe, K; Rost, NS; Rosand, J; Rothwell, PM; Scott, R; Strbian, D; Sturm, JW; Sudlow, C; Traylor, M; Thijs, V; Tatlisumak, T; Woo, D; Worrall, BB; Maguire, JM; Lindgren, A; Jern, C
2013Gently to hear, kindly to judge: the affective information practices of theatre professionals and journalists Untitled PublicationOlsson, M; Jeppe Nicolaisen
2014-09-02Information Practices in Contemporary Cosmopolitan Civil SocietyOlsson, M
2005-09-01Making sense of sense making: Information behaviour researchers construct an "author"Olsson, M
2015-01-01Making sense of the past: The embodied information practices of field archaeologistsOlsson, M
2005-01-01Meaning and authority: The social construction of an 'author' among information behaviour researchersOlsson, M
2022-05Persisting breathlessness and activities reduced or ceased: a population study in older men.Kochovska, S; Currow, D; Chang, S; Johnson, M; Ferreira, D; Morgan, D; Olsson, M; Ekström, M
2015-01-01Power matters: Foucault’s pouvoir/savoir as a conceptual lens in information research and practiceOlsson, M; Heizmann, H
2007-04-01Power/knowledge: The discursive construction of an authorOlsson, M
2022-01Prevalence and severity of differing dimensions of breathlessness among elderly males in the population.Olsson, M; Currow, DC; Johnson, MJ; Sandberg, J; Engström, G; Ekstrom, M
2012-02-07T03:23:13ZResearching Journalists, Journalists' Research, Journalism as ResearchMorton, T; Price, J; Henninger, M; Olsson, M
2013-01-01Sense-making across space and time: Implications for the organization and findability of informationNarayan, B; Olsson, M