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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-07Controlling orientational order in block copolymers using low-intensity magnetic fields.Gopinadhan, M; Choo, Y; Kawabata, K; Kaufman, G; Feng, X; Di, X; Rokhlenko, Y; Mahajan, LH; Ndaya, D; Kasi, RM; Osuji, CO
2017-12-01Directing block copolymer self-assembly with permanent magnets: Photopatterning microdomain alignment and generating oriented nanoporesGopinadhan, M; Choo, Y; Mahajan, LH; Ndaya, D; Kaufman, G; Rokhlenko, Y; Kasi, RM; Osuji, CO
2017-11-28Flat Drops, Elastic Sheets, and Microcapsules by Interfacial Assembly of a Bacterial Biofilm Protein, BslA.Kaufman, G; Liu, W; Williams, DM; Choo, Y; Gopinadhan, M; Samudrala, N; Sarfati, R; Yan, ECY; Regan, L; Osuji, CO
2018-07-03High Performance Nanofiltration Membrane for Effective Removal of Perfluoroalkyl Substances at High Water Recovery.Boo, C; Wang, Y; Zucker, I; Choo, Y; Osuji, CO; Elimelech, M
2017-04-12Highly stiff yet elastic microcapsules incorporating cellulose nanofibrils.Kaufman, G; Mukhopadhyay, S; Rokhlenko, Y; Nejati, S; Boltyanskiy, R; Choo, Y; Loewenberg, M; Osuji, CO
2016-07-19Isomeric Effect Enabled Thermally Driven Self-Assembly of Hydroxystyrene-Based Block Copolymers.Kanimozhi, C; Kim, M; Larson, SR; Choi, JW; Choo, Y; Sweat, DP; Osuji, CO; Gopalan, P
2018-01-01Pathway-engineering for highly-aligned block copolymer arrays.Choo, Y; Majewski, PW; Fukuto, M; Osuji, CO; Yager, KG
2018-08-28Self-Assembly of an Ultrahigh-χ Block Copolymer with Versatile Etch SelectivityAzuma, K; Sun, J; Choo, Y; Rokhlenko, Y; Dwyer, JH; Schweitzer, B; Hayakawa, T; Osuji, CO; Gopalan, P
2016-01-15Sequential deposition of block copolymer thin films and formation of lamellar heterolattices by electrospray depositionChoo, Y; Hu, H; Toth, K; Osuji, CO
2016-03-15Strong Orientational Coupling of Block Copolymer Microdomains to Smectic Layering Revealed by Magnetic Field Alignment.Gopinadhan, M; Choo, Y; Osuji, CO
2020-02-26Sustainable manufacturing of sensors onto soft systems using self-coagulating conductive Pickering emulsions.Kim, SY; Choo, Y; Bilodeau, RA; Yuen, MC; Kaufman, G; Shah, DS; Osuji, CO; Kramer-Bottiglio, R