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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-01Assessing the Reach, Scope and Outcomes of Government Action on Women’s Health and Human Rights: A Protocol for the Development of an International Women’s Rights DatasetShanthosh, J; Muvva, K; Woodward, M; Vijeyarasa, R; Palagyi, A
2016-12Depressive symptoms in older adults awaiting cataract surgery.Palagyi, A; Rogers, K; Meuleners, L; McCluskey, P; White, A; Ng, JQ; Morlet, N; Keay, L
2017-10Fear of falling and physical function in older adults with cataract: Exploring the role of vision as a moderator.Palagyi, A; Ng, JQ; Rogers, K; Meuleners, L; McCluskey, P; White, A; Morlet, N; Keay, L
2018-05Investigation of attributes which guide choice in cataract surgery services in urban Sydney, Australia.Gilbert, C; Keay, L; Palagyi, A; Do, VQ; McCluskey, P; White, A; Carnt, N; Stapleton, F; Laba, T-L
2021-11Performance-based incentives and community health workers' outputs, a systematic review.Gadsden, T; Mabunda, SA; Palagyi, A; Maharani, A; Sujarwoto, S; Baddeley, M; Jan, S
2020-05-20Poorer Visual Acuity is Independently Associated With Impaired Balance and Step Length But Not Overall Physical Performance in Older Adults.Sorbello, S; Quang Do, V; Palagyi, A; Keay, L
2022-07-18The incidence of falls after first and second eye cataract surgery: a longitudinal cohort study.Keay, L; Ho, KC; Rogers, K; McCluskey, P; White, AJ; Morlet, N; Ng, JQ; Lamoureux, E; Pesudovs, K; Stapleton, FJ; Boufous, S; Huang-Lung, J; Palagyi, A
2021-02-15Treatment abandonment in children with cancer: Does a sex difference exist? A systematic review and meta-analysis of evidence from low- and middle-income countries.Palagyi, A; Balane, C; Shanthosh, J; Jun, M; Bhoo-Pathy, N; Gadsden, T; Canfell, K; Jan, S
2017-10Visual and refractive associations with falls after first-eye cataract surgery.Palagyi, A; Morlet, N; McCluskey, P; White, A; Meuleners, L; Ng, JQ; Lamoureux, E; Pesudovs, K; Stapleton, F; Ivers, RQ; Rogers, K; Keay, L
2016-11-01While We Waited: Incidence and Predictors of Falls in Older Adults With Cataract.Palagyi, A; McCluskey, P; White, A; Rogers, K; Meuleners, L; Ng, JQ; Morlet, N; Keay, L