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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-01Deep Learning Model for Classifying Periodontitis Stages on Dental Panoramic RadiographyShon, HS; Kong, V; Park, JS; Jang, W; Cha, EJ; Kim, SY; Lee, EY; Kang, TG; Kim, KA
2011-12-01Effect of preparation method of sulfur-MWNT composite electrode on electrochemical properties of Li/S batteryPark, JS; Kim, DJ; Park, JW; Yu, JH; Ryu, HS; Kim, KW; Cho, KK; Ahn, JH; Wang, GX; Ahn, HJ
2015-01-22Effects of natural organic matter on separation of the hydroxylated fullerene nanoparticles by cross-flow ultrafiltration membranes from waterChae, SR; Noeiaghaei, T; Jang, HC; Sahebi, S; Jassby, D; Shon, HK; Park, PK; Kim, JO; Park, JS
2009-02-01Electrochemical performance of nanocrystalline SnO <inf>2</inf>-carbon nanotube composites as anode in lithium-ion cellsYao, J; Park, JS; Konstantinov, K; Wang, GX; Ahn, JH; Wang, J; Liu, HK
2013-04-02Electrochemical properties and discharge mechanism of Na/TiS<inf>2</inf> cells with liquid electrolyte at room temperatureRyu, HS; Kim, JS; Park, JS; Park, JW; Kim, KW; Ahn, JH; Nam, TH; Wang, G; Ahn, HJ
2012-07-01Evaluation of sulfur and multi-walled carbon nanotube composite synthesized by dissolution and precipitation for Li/S batteriesPark, JS; Kim, DJ; Park, JW; Ryu, HS; Kim, KW; Wang, GX; Ahn, HJ
2009-02-01Growth, Characterization and technological applications of semiconductor SnO <inf>2</inf> nanotubes and In <inf>2</inf>O <inf>3</inf> nanowiresWang, GX; Park, JS; Park, MS
2013-10-01Multi-cyber framework for availability enhancement of cyber physical systemsParvin, S; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK; Thein, T; Park, JS
2007-05-15Nanostructured SnSb/carbon nanotube composites synthesized by reductive precipitation for lithium-ion batteriesPark, MS; Needham, SA; Wang, GX; Kang, YM; Park, JS; Dou, SX; Liu, HK
2022-03-10Solving world problems with pyrrole: 65<sup>th</sup> birthday tribute to Prof. Jonathan L. SesslerChau, CV; Sen, S; Sedgwick, AC; Gale, PA; Pantos, GD; Kim, SK; Park, JS; Tomat, E; Arambula, JF; Gorden, AEV; Furuta, H
2012-12-01A survivability model in wireless sensor networksParvin, S; Hussain, FK; Park, JS; Kim, DS
2008-04-14Synthesis and high gas sensitivity of tin oxide nanotubesWang, GX; Park, JS; Park, MS; Gou, XL