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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A survey on deep learning for textual emotion analysis in social networksPeng, S; Cao, L; Zhou, Y; Ouyang, Z; Yang, A; Li, X; Jia, W; Yu, S
2023-01-01Biological nutrient recovery from wastewater for circular economyDeng, S; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; You, N; Peng, S
2022-06-15Characterization of nitrous oxide and nitrite accumulation during iron (Fe(0))- and ferrous iron (Fe(II))-driven autotrophic denitrification: mechanisms, environmental impact factors and molecular microbial characterizationDeng, S; Peng, S; Ngo, HH; Oh, SJA; Hu, Z; Yao, H; Li, D
2018-08-01Collaborative data collection scheme based on optimal clustering for wireless sensor networksLi, G; Chen, H; Peng, S; Li, X; Wang, C; Yu, S; Yin, P
2021-01-01Emotion Classification of Text Based on BERT and Broad Learning SystemPeng, S; Zeng, R; Liu, H; Chen, G; Wu, R; Yang, A; Yu, S
2019-06-01Energy efficient data collection in large-scale internet of things via computation offloadingLi, G; He, J; Peng, S; Jia, W; Wang, C; Niu, J; Yu, S
2018-09-01A hybrid privacy protection scheme in cyber-physical social networksQu, Y; Yu, S; Gao, L; Zhou, W; Peng, S
2019-11-01An Immunization Framework for Social Networks Through Big Data Based Influence ModelingPeng, S; Wang, G; Zhou, Y; Wan, C; Wang, C; Yu, S; Niu, J
2018-03-15Influence analysis in social networks: A surveyPeng, S; Zhou, Y; Cao, L; Yu, S; Niu, J; Jia, W
2021-02-11Machine Learning for Design Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices: Recent Developments and Future DirectionsLi, Y; Lei, G; Bramerdorfer, G; Peng, S; Sun, X; Zhu, J
2020-01-01Matrix Completion via Schatten Capped p NormLi, G; Guo, G; Peng, S; Wang, C; Yu, S; Niu, J; Mo, J
2021-03Microbial analysis for the ammonium removal from landfill leachate in an aerobic granular sludge sequencing batch reactor.Wei, Y; Ye, Y; Ji, M; Peng, S; Qin, F; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2022-10-15Modeling on Energy-Efficiency Computation Offloading Using Probabilistic Action GeneratingWang, C; Lu, W; Peng, S; Qu, Y; Wang, G; Yu, S
2024-01-15Modeling on Resource Allocation for Age-Sensitive Mobile-Edge Computing Using Federated Multiagent Reinforcement LearningWang, C; Yao, T; Fan, T; Peng, S; Xu, C; Yu, S
2018-12-01Privacy of Things: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Wireless Internet of ThingsQu, Y; Yu, S; Zhou, W; Peng, S; Wang, G; Xiao, K
2022-05-01Recent Development of Atmospheric Water Harvesting Materials: A ReviewFeng, A; Akther, N; Duan, X; Peng, S; Onggowarsito, C; Mao, S; Fu, Q; Kolev, SD
2017-02-10Social influence modeling using information theory in mobile social networksPeng, S; Yang, A; Cao, L; Yu, S; Xie, D
2023-09-01The SRVM: A Similarity-Based Relevance Vector Machine for Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction in the Industrial Internet of ThingsLi, G; Wu, Y; Wang, C; Peng, S; Niu, J; Yu, S