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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Analytical model for vacuum consolidation incorporating soil disturbance caused by mandrel-driven drainsPerera, D; Indraratna, B; Leroueil, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Kelly, R
2016-01-01Assessing Soil Disturbance while Installing Vertical DrainsRujikiatkamjorn, C; Perera, D; Indraratna, B
2014-01-01BloodChIP: A database of comparative genome-wide transcription factor binding profiles in human blood cellsChacon, D; Beck, D; Perera, D; Wong, JWH; Pimanda, JE
2018-01-01Class A and C predictions for Ballina trial embankment with vertical drains using standard test data from industry and large diameter test specimensIndraratna, B; Baral, P; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Perera, D
2016-04-13Differential DNA repair underlies mutation hotspots at active promoters in cancer genomesPerera, D; Poulos, RC; Shah, A; Beck, D; Pimanda, JE; Wong, JWH
2013-01-01Genome-wide analysis of transcriptional regulators in human HSPCs reveals a densely interconnected network of coding and noncoding genesBeck, D; Thoms, JAI; Perera, D; Schütte, J; Unnikrishnan, A; Knezevic, K; Kinston, SJ; Wilson, NK; O'Brien, TA; Göttgens, B; Wong, JWH; Pimanda, JE
2022-08-19Improving EEG-Based Driver Distraction Classification Using Brain Connectivity Estimators.Perera, D; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T; Nguyen, H; Chai, R
2014-01-01Oncocis: Annotation of cis-regulatory mutations in cancerPerera, D; Chacon, D; Thoms, JA; Poulos, RC; Shlien, A; Beck, D; Campbell, PJ; Pimanda, JE; Wong, JW
2020-07Statistical Analysis of Brain Connectivity Estimators during Distracted Driving.Perera, D; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T; Zheng, J; Nguyen, HT; Chai, R