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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02-12Coaches, Officials and Change Agents in Sport DevelopmentPhillips, P; Schulenkorf, N; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P
2012-01-01Cradle-to-gate analysis of materials used in historic and modern housing in ChinaDing, GKC; Ge, JX; Phillips, P
2016-02-12Evaluating Sport DevelopmentSherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P
2012-01Making Decisions About Delirium: A Qualitative Comparison Of Decision Making Between Nurses Working In Palliative Care, Aged Care, Aged Care Psychiatry, And OncologyAgar, M; Draper, B; Phillips, P; Phillips, J; Collier, A; Harlum, J; Currow, D
2016-02-12Managing Sport Development: An International ApproachSherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P
2011-12-02Old and green: Environmental performance of traditional Chinese housingPhillips, P; Ding, GK; Ge, J
2013-08-01REVERSAL OF DIABETES IN A PORCINE MODEL FOLLOWING LIVER-DIRECTED GENE THERAPYGerace, D; Ren, B; Hawthorne, WJ; Byrne, MR; Phillips, P; O'Brien, BA; Nassif, N; Alexander, IE; Simpson, AM
2018-11-30ROBO2 is a stroma suppressor gene in the pancreas and acts via TGF-β signalling.Pinho, AV; Van Bulck, M; Chantrill, L; Arshi, M; Sklyarova, T; Herrmann, D; Vennin, C; Gallego-Ortega, D; Mawson, A; Giry-Laterriere, M; Magenau, A; Leuckx, G; Baeyens, L; Gill, AJ; Phillips, P; Timpson, P; Biankin, AV; Wu, J; Rooman, I
2016-02-12Sport for Conflict Resolution and PeacebuildingSchulenkorf, N; Sugden, J; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P
2012-01Sustainable housing - a case study of heritage building in Hangzhou ChinaGe, J; Ding, GK; Phillips, P; -
2016-02-12What is Sport Development?Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P