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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-01A Cable-Net and Fabric Formwork System for the Construction of Concrete Shells: Design, Fabrication and Construction of a Full Scale PrototypeMéndez Echenagucia, T; Pigram, D; Liew, A; Van Mele, T; Block, P
2014-01-01Fabrication aware form-finding a combined quasi-reciprocal timber and discontinuous post-tensioned concrete structureMaxwell, I; Pigram, D; Pederson, OE; Larsen, NM
2011-12-01Formation embedded design: A methodology for the integration of fabrication constraints into architectural designPigram, D; McGee, W
2016HiLo Prefabricated FloorBlock, P; Pigram, D; Mendez, T; Maxwell, I
2021Hobart Micro-IconsPigram, D; Maxwell, I; McIntosh, H
2012-01-01A method for the realization of complex concrete gridshell structures in precast concretePigram, D; Larsen, NM; Pedersen, OE
2017-07-01NEST HiLo: Investigating lightweight construction and adaptive energy systemsBlock, P; Schlueter, A; Veenendaal, D; Bakker, J; Begle, M; Hischier, I; Hofer, J; Jayathissa, P; Maxwell, I; Echenagucia, TM; Nagy, Z; Pigram, D; Svetozarevic, B; Torsing, R; Verbeek, J; Willmann, A; Lydon, GP
2013-01-01The novel stones of venice: The marching cube algorithm as a strategy for managing mass-customisationMaxwell, I; Pigram, D; McGee, W
2020Periscope CanopyPigram, D; Maxwell, I; McIntosh, H
2012-12-01Robotic reticulations A method for the integration of multi-axis fabrication processes with algorithmic form-finding techniquesMcgee, W; Pigram, D; Kaczynski, MP
2011-12-01Robotically fabricated thin-shell vaulting: A method for the integration of multi-axis fabrication processes with algorithmic form-finding techniquesKaczynski, MP; McGee, W; Pigram, D
2021-01-01Shifting sands: Experimental robotic earth-moving strategies in dynamic coastal environmentsHurkxkens, I; Pigram, D; Melsom, J
2019-04-15Tailored Flexibility - Reinforcing concrete fabric formwork with 3D printed plasticsEngholt, J; Pigram, D; Haeusler, MH; Schnabel, MA; Fukuda, T
-The geometry of air: large-scale multi-colour robotic additive fabrication for air-diffusion systemsSchork, T; Titchkosky, N; Bickerton, C; Reinhardt, D; Bennett, M; Pigram, D; Makki, M