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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Borders, paths and orientations: assembling the higher education research field as doctoral students and supervisorsPeseta, T; Kligyte, G; Bell, A; Hardiman, B; Leadbeatter, D; Pizzica, J; Saliba, G; Salisbury, F; Thomson, K; Yucel, R
2012-01-01Design-based research principles for student orientation to online study: Capturing the lessons learntWozniak, H; Pizzica, J; Mahony, MJ
2010-02-01Distance education in an era of elearning: Challenges and opportunities for a campus-focused institutionForsyth, H; Pizzica, J; Laxton, R; Mahony, MJ
2008-01A Framework for Developing Enquiry-Oriented Experiments for Non-Physics MajorsKirkup, L; Pizzica, J; Waite, K; Srinivasan, L; Pollard, J
2015-01-01National science agency - university collaboration inspires an inquiry-oriented experimentKirkup, L; Waite, K; Beames, S; Mears, A; Pizzica, J; Watkins, S
2010-09-01Realizing a framework for enhancing the laboratory experiences of non-physics majors: From pilot to large-scale implementationKirkup, L; Pizzica, J; Waite, K; Srinivasan, L
2014-01-01Socio-economic status and students' experiences of technologies: Is there a digital divide?McKenzie, J; Pizzica, J; Gosper, M; Malfroy, J; Ashford-Rowe, K
2009-01-01Stepping through the orientation looking glass: A staged approach for postgraduate studentsWozniak, H; Mahony, MJ; Lever, T; Pizzica, J
2014-01-01Student use of technologies for learning â€" what has changed since 2010?Gosper, M; McKenzie, J; Pizzica, J; Malfroy, J; Ashford-Rowe, K