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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01A chain topology for efficient monitoring of food grain storage using smart sensorsMishra, AK; Tripathy, AK; Obaidat, MS; Tan, Z; Prasad, M; Sadoun, B; Puthal, D
2023-04-01A comparative study of different machine learning models for landslide susceptibility prediction: a case study of Kullu-to-Rohtang pass transport corridor, IndiaNirbhav,; Malik, A; Maheshwar,; Prasad, M; Saini, A; Long, NT
2021-07-18A Comparative Study of Machine Learning and NLP Techniques for Uses of Stop Words by Patients in Diagnosis of Alzheimer's DiseaseAdhikari, S; Thapa, S; Singh, P; Huo, H; Bharathy, G; Prasad, M
-A Comprehensive Review on E-Waste Management Strategies and Prediction Methods: A Saudi Arabia PerspectiveMadkhali, H; Duraib, S; Nguyen, L; Prasad, M; Sharma, M; Joshi, S
2021-09-01A Comprehensive Survey on Word Representation Models: From Classical to State-of-the-Art Word Representation Language ModelsNaseem, U; Razzak, I; Khan, SK; Prasad, M
2023-10-01A Conceptual Design of an AI-Enabled Decision Support System for Analysing Donor Behaviour in Nonprofit OrganisationsAlsolbi, I; Agarwal, R; Unhelkar, B; Al-Jabri, T; Samarawickrama, M; Tafavogh, S; Prasad, M
2018-01-01A fast and self-adaptive on-line learning detection systemPrasad, M; Zheng, D-R; Mery, D; Puthal, D; Sundaram, S; Lin, C-T; Ozawa, S; Tan, AH; Angelov, PP; Roy, A; Pratama, M
2022-01-27A fuzzy rule-based efficient hospital bed management approach for coronavirus disease-19 infected patientsJena, KK; Bhoi, SK; Prasad, M; Puthal, D
2022-01-01A Novel Fabric Defect Detection Network Based on Attention Mechanism and Multi-Task FusionPeng, Z; Gong, X; Lu, Z; Xu, X; Wei, B; Prasad, M
2020-01-01A novel online self-learning system with automatic object detection model for multimedia applicationsCheng, EJ; Prasad, M; Yang, J; Zheng, DR; Tao, X; Mery, D; Young, KY; Lin, CT
2022A Novel Unsupervised Feature Selection Approach Using Genetic Algorithm on Partitioned DataSaxena, A; Chugh, D; Mittal, H; Sajid, M; Chauhan, R; Yafi, E; Cao, J; Prasad, M
2021-01-01A review on motivational nudges for enhancing building energy conservation behaviorSoomro, AM; Bharathy, G; Biloria, N; Prasad, M
2022-01-01A Robust Illumination and Intensity invariant Face Recognition SystemMeena, MS; Pare, S; Singh, P; Rana, A; Prasad, M
2020-01-01A robust real-time facial alignment system with facial landmarks detection and rectification for multimedia applicationsChou, KP; Prasad, M; Yang, J; Su, SY; Tao, X; Saxena, A; Lin, WC; Lin, CT
2023A Systematic Review and Taxonomy of Data Analytics in Non-profit OrganizationsAlsoibi, I; Agarwal, R; Bharathy, G; Samarawickrama, M; Unhelkar, B; Prasad, M
2023-03-31A Systematic Review and Taxonomy of Data Analytics in Nonprofit OrganisationsAlsolbi, I; Agarwal, R; Bharathy, G; Samarawickrama, M; Unhelkar, B; Prasad, M
2022-03-29A Systematic Review on Healthcare Artificial Intelligent Conversational Agents for Chronic ConditionsSawad, AB; Narayan, B; Alnefaie, A; Maqbool, A; Mckie, I; Smith, J; Yuksel, B; Puthel, D; Prasad, M; Kocaballi, A
-A Targeted Review on Revisiting and Augmenting the Framework for Technology Acceptance in the Renewable Energy ContextBhatia, T; Bharathy, G; Prasad, M
-A Two-Phase Approach for Semi-Supervised Feature SelectionSaxena, A; Pare, S; Meena, MS; Gupta, D; Gupta, A; Razzak, I; Lin, C-T; Prasad, M
2018-06-01Accurate traffic flow prediction in heterogeneous vehicular networks in an intelligent transport system using a supervised non-parametric classifierEl-Sayed, H; Sankar, S; Daraghmi, YA; Tiwari, P; Rattagan, E; Mohanty, M; Puthal, D; Prasad, M