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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09-013D human posture segmentation by spectral clustering with surface normal constraintCheng, J; Qiao, M; Bian, W; Tao, D
2019-02-01Adapting Stochastic Block Models to Power-Law Degree DistributionsQiao, M; Yu, J; Bian, W; Li, Q; Tao, D
2014-01-20Biview learning for human posture segmentation from 3D points cloudQiao, M; Cheng, J; Bian, W; Tao, D
2013-06-01Computing weight constraint reachability in large networksQiao, M; Cheng, H; Qin, L; Yu, JX; Yu, PS; Chang, L
2016-12-09Conditional Graphical Lasso for Multi-label Image ClassificationLi, Q; Qiao, M; Bian, W; Tao, D
2022-01-01Distance labeling: on parallelism, compression, and orderingLi, W; Qiao, M; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Chang, L; Lin, X
2017-04-01Diversified dictionaries for multi-instance learningQiao, M; Liu, L; Yu, J; Xu, C; Tao, D
2019-10-01Eccentricities on small-world networksLi, W; Qiao, M; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Chang, L; Lin, X
2012-01-01The exact distance to destination in undirected worldChang, L; Yu, JX; Qin, L; Cheng, H; Qiao, M
2018-10-24Exacting eccentricity for small-world networksLi, W; Qiao, M; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Chang, L; Lin, X
2017-01-01Improving Stochastic block models by incorporating power-law degree characteristicQiao, M; Yu, J; Bian, W; Li, Q; Tao, D
2010-05-18Interactive games to improve quality of life for the elderly: Towards integration into a WSN monitoring systemLawrence, E; Sax, C; Navarro, KF; Qiao, M
2018-09-01Numerical study of the transition to chaos of a buoyant plume from a two-dimensional open cavity heated from belowQiao, M; Xu, F; Saha, SC
2017-09-02Scaling analysis and numerical simulation of natural convection from a ductQiao, M; Xu, F; Saha, SC
2019-06-25Scaling distance labeling on small-world networksLi, W; Zhang, Y; Qiao, M; Chang, L; Qin, L; Lin, X
2020-06-14Scaling Up Distance Labeling on Graphs with Core-Periphery PropertiesLi, W; Qiao, M; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Chang, L; Lin, X; Maier, D; Pottinger, R; Doan, A; Tan, W-C; Alawini, A; Ngo, HQ
2013-01-01Top-K nearest keyword search on large graphsQiao, M; Qin, L; Cheng, H; Yu, JX; Tian, W
2019-01-22Towards Biological Sequence Data Service with InsightsChen, H; Shen, J; Wang, L; Chi, CH; Abe, N; Liu, H; Pu, C; Hu, X; Ahmed, N; Qiao, M; Song, Y; Kossmann, D; Liu, B; Lee, K; Tang, J; He, J; Saltz, J
2019-01-01Transition to a chaotic flow in a V-shaped triangular cavity heated from belowBhowmick, S; Saha, SC; Qiao, M; Xu, F