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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-02-06A lightweight and unsupervised approach for identifying risk events in news articlesShahsavari, M; Hussain, OK; Saberi, M; Sharma, P; Pedrycz, W; Wang, J; He, Y; Dinh, TN; Grant, C; Qiu, M
2017-11-07Acetylated histone variant H2A.Z is involved in the activation of neo-enhancers in prostate cancer.Valdés-Mora, F; Gould, CM; Colino-Sanguino, Y; Qu, W; Song, JZ; Taylor, KM; Buske, FA; Statham, AL; Nair, SS; Armstrong, NJ; Kench, JG; Lee, KML; Horvath, LG; Qiu, M; Ilinykh, A; Yeo-Teh, NS; Gallego-Ortega, D; Stirzaker, C; Clark, SJ
2019-09-01Cache-Based Popular Services Pushing on High-Speed Train by Using Converged Broadcasting and Cellular NetworksLi, B; Xiong, J; Liu, B; Gui, L; Qiu, M; Shi, Z
2022-01-01DBGARE: Across-Within Dual Bipartite Graph Attention for Enhancing Distantly Supervised Relation ExtractionGu, H; Yu, H; Luo, X; Memmi, G; Yang, B; Kong, L; Zhang, T; Qiu, M
2020Distributed Caching Mechanism for Popular Services Distribution in Converged Overlay NetworksZhang, W; Xiong, J; Gui, L; Liu, B; Qiu, M; Shi, Z
2020-05-01Distributed Feature Selection for Big Data Using Fuzzy Rough SetsKong, L; Qu, W; Yu, J; Zuo, H; Chen, G; Xiong, F; Pan, S; Lin, S; Qiu, M
2024-02-06Efficient Distributed Core Graph DecompositionZhang, W; Yang, Z; Wen, D; Wang, X; Pedrycz, W; Wang, J; He, Y; Dinh, TN; Grant, C; Qiu, M
2018-07-18Epitaxial VO<inf>2</inf> Nanostructures: A Route to Large-Scale, Switchable Dielectric MetasurfacesLigmajer, F; Kejík, L; Tiwari, U; Qiu, M; Nag, J; Konečný, M; Šikola, T; Jin, W; Haglund, RF; Appavoo, K; Lei, DY
2023-12-10Fabrication of AgI/Ce-2MI Z-scheme heterojunction for enhanced photoreduction of Cr(VI) under visible light irradiationFu, Y; Mao, Y; Wang, L; Qiu, M; Xu, Y; Qian, J; Tan, M; Zhang, K; Hao, D; Wang, Q; Yang, G
2016-11-10Keep all mobile users′ whereabouts secure: a radio frequency identification protocol anti-tracking in 5GYin, X; Fang, B; Jin, S; Qiu, M; Vasilakos, AV; Xu, Y
2019-01-01Loop Parallelism Maximization for Multimedia Data Processing in Mobile Vehicular CloudsQiu, M; Dai, W; Vasilakos, AV
2023-05-01Novel graphene quantum dots modified NH<inf>2</inf>-MIL-125 photocatalytic composites for effective antibacterial property and mechanism insightYang, G; Wang, L; Zhang, C; Li, P; Du, H; Mao, Y; Qiu, M; Li, Q; Hao, D; Wang, Q
2006-04-10Usability in mobile interface browsingQiu, M; Zhang, K; Huang, M