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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-28Absorption-emission symmetry breaking and the different origins of vibrational structures of the 1Qy and 1Qx electronic transitions of pheophytin aRätsep, M; Linnanto, JM; Muru, R; Biczysko, M; Reimers, JR; Freiberg, A
2013-10-14Assignment of the Q-Bands of the Chlorophylls: Coherence Loss via Q x-Q y MixingReimers, JR; Cai, ZL; Kobayashi, R; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E
2020-01Asymmetry in the Qy Fluorescence and Absorption Spectra of Chlorophyll <i>a</i> Pertaining to Exciton Dynamics.Reimers, JR; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A
2016-09-01Challenges facing an understanding of the nature of low-energy excited states in photosynthesisReimers, JR; Biczysko, M; Bruce, D; Coker, DF; Frankcombe, TJ; Hashimoto, H; Hauer, J; Jankowiak, R; Kramer, T; Linnanto, J; Mamedov, F; Müh, F; Rätsep, M; Renger, T; Styring, S; Wan, J; Wang, Z; Wang-Otomo, ZY; Weng, YX; Yang, C; Zhang, JP; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E
2022-01-01Chlorophyll spectroscopy: Conceptual basis, modern high-resolution approaches, and current challengesReimers, JR; Rätsep, M; Linnanto, JM; Freiberg, A
2011-01-14Demonstration and interpretation of significant asymmetry in the low-resolution and high-resolution Q<inf>y</inf> fluorescence and absorption spectra of bacteriochlorophyll aRätsep, M; Cai, ZL; Reimers, JR; Freiberg, A
2014-02-14Formation of water-chlorophyll clusters in dilute samples of chlorophyll-a in ether at low temperatureReimers, JR; Cai, ZL; Kobayashi, R; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E
2014-01-01The role of high-level calculations in the assignment of the Q-band spectra of chlorophyllReimers, JR; Cai, ZL; Kobayashi, R; Rätsep, M; Freiberg, A; Krausz, E