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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11Advancing Supply Chain Resilience: Mitigating Future DisruptionRahman, T; Paul, S
2021-05An Agent-Based Model for Supply Chain Recovery in the Wake of the COVID-19 PandemicRahman, T; Taghikhah, F; Paul, S; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R
2022-05-10Antecedents for circular bioeconomy practices towards sustainability of supply chainMoktadir, MA; Dwivedi, A; Rahman, T
2018-01-20Drivers to sustainable manufacturing practices and circular economy: A perspective of leather industries in BangladeshMoktadir, MA; Rahman, T; Rahman, MH; Ali, SM; Paul, SK
2022-07-25Early-Stage Detection of Ovarian Cancer Based on Clinical Data Using Machine Learning Approaches.Ahamad, MM; Aktar, S; Uddin, MJ; Rahman, T; Alyami, SA; Al-Ashhab, S; Akhdar, HF; Azad, A; Moni, MA
2020Examining barriers to reverse logistics practices in the leather footwear industryMoktadir, MA; Rahman, T; Ali, SM; Nahar, N; Paul, SK
2019-12-15Key factors for energy-efficient supply chains: Implications for energy policy in emerging economiesMoktadir, MA; Ali, SM; Jabbour, CJC; Paul, A; Ahmed, S; Sultana, R; Rahman, T
2022-05Key performance indicators for a sustainable recovery strategy in health-care supply chains: COVID-19 pandemic perspectiveRahman, T; Moktadir, MA; Paul, SK
2022-10Managing panic buying-related instabilities in supply chains: A COVID-19 pandemic perspectiveRahman, T; Paul, SK; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R; Taghikhah, F
2023-06Overview of Supply Chain Risk and Disruption Management Tools, Techniques, and ApproachesRahman, T; Paul, S; Agarwal, R; Sarker, R
2022-10Reconfigurable Strategies to Manage Uncertainties in Supply Chains Due to Large-Scale DisruptionsRahman, T; Paul, S
2019-11-01A structural model for investigating the driving and dependence power of supply chain risks in the readymade garment industryChowdhury, NA; Ali, SM; Mahtab, Z; Rahman, T; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
2022-08Supply chain resilience initiatives and strategies: A systematic reviewRahman, T; Paul, SK; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R; Taghikhah, F
2023-10When fears drive markets: understanding the impacts of panic buying on the supply chain economy and proposed solutionRahman, T; Paul, S
2022-03Why do we need resilient and viable supply chains? A COVID-19 pandemic perspectiveRahman, T; Paul, S