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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Appreciation of a Child's Journey: Implementation of a Cardiac Action Research ProjectDengler, KA; Wilson, V; Redshaw, S; Scarfe, G
2012Appreciation of a Child's Journey: Implementation of a Cardiac Action Research Project.Dengler, K; Wilson, V; Redshaw, S; Scarfe, G
1-Feb-2018Assessing the impact of vulnerability on perceptions of social cohesion in the context of community resilience to disaster in the Blue MountainsRedshaw, S; Ingham, V; McCutcheon, M; Hicks, J; Burmeister, O
1-Mar-2018Combustion, hydraulic, and other forms of masculinity: An essay exploring dominant values and representations of the driver in driverless technologyRedshaw, S
1-Jun-2013Community nurses' perceptions of providing bereavement careRedshaw, S; Harrison, K; Johnson, A; Chang, E
1-Jan-2015Emergency decision making: An exploration of tensions between communities of practiceRedshaw, S; Ingham, V; Loftus, S
1-Apr-2017Emergency preparedness through community sector engagement in the Blue MountainsRedshaw, S; Ingham, APV; Hicks, PJ; Millynn, J
1-Jan-2013Feminist preludes to relational sociologyRedshaw, S
6-Aug-2010Gambling drivers: Regulating cultural technologies, subjects, spaces and practices of mobilityRedshaw, S; Nicoll, F
26-Jan-2012Heart to heart: A programme for children on a cardiac wardScarfe, G; Redshaw, S; Wilson, V; Dengler, L
1-Apr-2016The Impact of Observed Trauma on Parents in a PICUKhanna, S; Finlay, JK; Jatana, V; Gouffe, AM; Redshaw, S
1-Dec-2008In the company of cars: Driving as a social and cultural practiceRedshaw, S
1-Jan-2014Investigating the lack of social context in car television advertisingRedshaw, S
1-Sep-2011Narratives of the heart: Telling the story of children with a cardiac condition through a bead programRedshaw, S; Wilson, V; Scarfe, G; Dengler, L
1-Dec-2018‘Neighbourhood is if they come out and talk to you’: Neighbourly connections and bonding social capitalRedshaw, S; Ingham, V
1-Jan-2014'She's done two and that's harsh': The agency of infants with congenital conditions as invoked through parent narrativesRedshaw, S
1-Mar-2012Sibling involvement in childhood chronic heart disease through a bead programRedshaw, S; Wilson, V
1-Dec-2018Systematic review of qualitative evaluations of reentry programs addressing problematic drug use and mental health disorders amongst people transitioning from prison to communitiesKendall, S; Redshaw, S; Ward, S; Wayland, S; Sullivan, E
1-Dec-2017Vulnerable voices on fire preparedness: Policy implications for emergency and community services collaborationIngham, V; Redshaw, S