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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03-03Alpaca Female Reproductive PhysiologyReyna Zeballos, JL
2006-10-06Embryo Transfer Glossary of TermsReyna Zeballos, JL
2006-12-01Embryo transfer in south american camelidsReyna Zeballos, JL
2016-07-14Enhancing the Flipped Classroom Experience with the Aid of Inclusive DesignReyna Zeballos, JL; Davila, YC; Meier, PC
2017-12-01Exploring Self-Regulation in Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments in First Year Science Students.Reyna Zeballos, JL; Hanham, J; Meier, P; Vlachopoulos, P; Geronimo, F
2015-12-02The Flipped Teacher and the Flipped Learner FrameworkReyna Zeballos, JL; Davila, YC; Huber, E
2016-09-01Implementing Digital Media Presentations as Assessment Tools for Pharmacology StudentsReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P; Geronimo, F; Rodgers, K
2016-01Implementing E-learning Across the School of Education: A Case StudyReyna Zeballos, JL
2017-12-01The Importance of Visual Design and Aesthetics in the Design of Online Learning Courseware.Reyna Zeballos, JL
2018-03-14Learners as Co-Creators of Knowledge Using Digital MediaReyna Zeballos, JL
2016-11-06Learning to Surf: Explaining the Flipped Classroom (FC) to Science Students Using an AnalogyReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P
2017-12-10Learning workflow using learner-generated digital media (LGDM) assignments.Reyna Zeballos, JL; Hanham, J; Meier, P
2017-07-25The Nightmare is Over: A Simple Guide to Design Effective Subject OutlinesReyna Zeballos, JL
2017-03-15Ovarian Follicular Waves in Alpacas and Implications for Embryo Transfer ProgramsReyna Zeballos, JL
2018-01-11A Practical Model for Implementing Digital Media Assessments in Tertiary Science EducationReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P
2017-03-25Student’s Experience in Online Intensive Mode (IM) Units at The Faculty of Business and Economics.Reyna Zeballos, JL
2015-06-24Using Mobile Applications for Paperless Assignments in Mathematics: A Pilot StudyReyna Zeballos, JL; Markowskei, A
2015-11-02Using Qualtrics Offline Surveys App for Peer Marking in Remote Areas and ClassroomsReyna Zeballos, JL