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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-01Action on Elder Abuse: A New South Wales pilot project on the role of legal and health practitioners in elder abuse screening, response and preventionRies, N; Mansfield, E
-Advance planning for research participation: Time to translate this innovation into practiceRies, N; Johnston, B; Jeon, Y; Mansfield, E; Nay, R; Parker, D; Schnitker, L; Sinclair, C
2020-04-07Advance Research Directives: Legal and Ethical Issues and Insights from a National Survey of Dementia Researchers in AustraliaRies, N; Mansfield, E; Sanson-Fisher, R
2023-05-31Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Mid-Year Report (2022–23)Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, J; Lewis, R; Woods, M; Ries, N; Parker, D
2018-10-29Becoming Global Citizens and Global Lawyers: Incorporating International Work and Study Experiences into the Australian Law School CurriculumConnor, T; Ries, N; Ross, N; Sobel-Read, K; Matas, D
2020Bioethics & Universal Vulnerability: Exploring the Ethics & Practices of Research ParticipationRies, N; Thomson, M
2011Canadian newspaper coverage of the A/H1N1 vaccine programRachul, C; Ries, N; Caulfield, T
2021-05-03Conceptualizing Interprofessional Working – When a Lawyer Joins the Healthcare MixRies, N
2023-08-31Criminal risk behaviours in people with dementia - Stakeholder Workshop ReportRies, N; Callaghan, S; Kumfor, F
2023-12-01Dementia Training for Legal Practitioners: Results from a pilot evaluation study and implications for building dementia capability in the legal professionRies, N; Johnston, B
2018-04-13Elder Abuse: The role of general practitioners in community-based screening and multidisciplinary actionRies, N; Mansfield, E
2018-11-15Government-funded Health Research Contracts in Australia: A Critical Assessment of TransparencyRies, N; Kypri, K
2023-08-31Health Justice Partnerships: An International Comparison of Approaches to Employing Law to Promote Prevention and Health EquityTobin-Tyler, E; Genn, H; Boyd-Caine, T; Ries, N
2018-03-15How Do Lawyers Assist Their Clients with Advance Care Planning? Findings from a Cross-Sectional Survey of Lawyers in AlbertaRies, N; Douglas, M; Simon, J; Fassbender, K
2019-02-28Identifying and Acting on Elder Abuse: A Toolkit for Legal PractitionersRies, N
2017-06-20Including People with Dementia in Research: An Analysis of Australian Ethical and Legal Rules and Recommendations for ReformRies, N; Thompson, K; Lowe, M
2018-05-09Increasing advance personal planning: The need for action at the community levelWaller, A; Sanson-Fisher, R; Ries, N; Bryant, J
2016Innovation in Healthcare, Innovation in Law: Does the Law Support Interprofessional Collaboration in Canadian Health Systems?Ries, N
2023Key Informant Perspectives on Barriers to Advance Personal Planning: Results from a Qualitative Interview StudyJohnston, B; Ries, N; Waller, A
2019-12-15Law and the Promotion of Healthy Nutrition and Physical ActivityRies, N; von Tigerstrom, B; Shelley, JJ