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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2015The Birds and the Bats: Using Adaptive Management to Find the Balance of Public Interest in Wind Farm Development.Riley, S
Jan-2010Bridging the Language Divide: An Innovative Teaching Project to Help International Students from China in Learning Business Law SubjectsRiley, S; Li, G
Jan-2013'Buffalo Belong Here, As Long As He Doesn't Do Too Much Damage': Indigenous Perspectives on the Place of Alien Species in AustraliaRiley, S
1-Dec-2015Developing an Animal Law Case Book: Knowledge Transfer and Service Learning from Student-Generated MaterialsRiley, S
Jan-2009Disclosure Requirements and Investor Protection: the compatibility of Commonwealth, state and territory laws in serviced strata schemesRiley, S; Li, G
Jan-2006The Electronic Age: Virtual Conveyancing and the Torrens Title SystemRiley, S; Runeson, G; Best, GR
10-Jul-2017From Smart to Unsmart Regulation: Undermining the Success of Public Interest LitigationRiley, S
Jan-2012Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Uncertainty and the Protection of Biodiversity from Invasive Alien SpeciesRiley, S
Jan-2012Innovations in Institutions to Improve Weed Funding, Strategy and OutcomesMartin, P; Verbeek, M; Riley, S; Bartel, R; Le Gal, E
24-Dec-2014Internationalisation and Intercultural Skills: Using Role Play Simulations to Build Bridges of Tolerance and UnderstandingRiley, S; Li, G
Jan-2005Invasive Alien Species and the Protection of Biodiversity: The Role of Quarantine Laws in Resolving Inadquacies int he International Legal RegimeRiley, S
Jan-2012Law is order, and good law is good order: The role of governance in the regulation of invasive alien speciesRiley, S
3-Nov-2014New pasture plants intensify invasive species risk.Driscoll, DA; Catford, JA; Barney, JN; Hulme, PE; Inderjit; Martin, TG; Pauchard, A; Pyšek, P; Richardson, DM; Riley, S; Visser, V
Jan-2013Peak Coordinating Bodies And Invasive Alien Species: Is The Whole Worth More Than The Sum Of Its Parts?Riley, S
Jan-2009Preventing Transboundary Harm from Invasive Alien SpeciesRiley, S
Jan-2014Rio + 20: What Difference Has Two Decades Made to State Practice in the Regulation of Invasive Alien Species?Riley, S
Jan-2013The role of inspections in the commercial kangaroo industryBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D; Boronyak, LJ; Riley, S
Jan-2009Serviced Strata Schemes: Real Property or A Financial Product?Riley, S; Li, G; Grahame Newell
Jan-2011Student Diversity: Widening Participation by Engaging Culturally Diverse Non-Law Students in LawRiley, S; Li, G; Parker, NJ; Kift, S; Sanson, M; Cowley, J; Watson, P