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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-02Can targeted job-information for adults with spinal cord dysfunction be effectively delivered online? A pilot studyDorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Kneebone, I; Craig, A; Chur-Hansen, A; Migliorini, C; Potter, E; Marshall, R; Clark, J; Neeson, S; Stewart, P
2022-11-30Developing teachers' writing livesYoo, JHC; Carter, D; Goodwyn, A; Manuel, J; Roberts, R; Scherff, L; Sawyer, W; Durrant, C; Zancanella, D
2022-01Énoncé de position: Recherche et réconciliation avec les peuples autochtones dans les revues de médecine rurale.Lock, MJ; Beverley McMillan, AMF; Bennett, B; Martire, JL; Warne, D; Kidd, J; Williams, NG; Roberts, R; Worley, P; Hutten-Czapski, P
2019-06-01Fearless Me! <sup>©</sup> : A feasibility case series of cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents with intellectual disabilityHronis, A; Roberts, R; Roberts, L; Kneebone, I
2022-07-20ICIRAS: Research and reconciliation with indigenous peoples in rural health journals.Lock Ngiyampaa, MJ; McMillan Wiradjuri, F; Warne Oglala Lakota, D; Bennett Gamilaraay, B; Kidd Ngāpuhi, J; Williams Bkejwanong, N; Martire, JL; Worley, P; Hutten-Czapski, P; Saurman, E; Matthews Quandamooka, V; Walke Bundjalung, E; Edwards Worimi, D; Owen Nurrunga And Ngarrendjeri, J; Browne, J; Roberts, R
2022-07Indigenous Cultural Identity of Research Authors Standard: research and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in rural health journals.Lock, MJ; McMillan, F; Warne, D; Bennett, B; Kidd, J; Williams, N; Martire, JL; Worley, P; Hutten-Czapski, P; Saurman, E; Mathews, V; Walke, E; Edwards, D; Owen, J; Browne, J; Roberts, R
2020-01-01“I’m Not a Number, I’m Someone to Them”: Supporting Commencing University Students’ Through Technology-Mediated Personalised CommunicationLewis, S; Heath, G; Lim, L; Roberts, R
2022-01-01MS JobSeek: A pilot randomized controlled trial of an online peer discussion forum for job-seekers with multiple sclerosisDorstyn, D; Oxlad, M; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Potter, E; Kneebone, I; Craig, A
2018-02-01Online Resource to Promote Vocational Interests Among Job Seekers With Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial in AustraliaDorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Kneebone, I; Craig, A; Migliorini, C
2017-04-24Piloting an email-based resource package for job seekers with multiple sclerosisDorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Kneebone, I; Migliorini, C; Craig, A; Hutchinson, C; Field, D
2020-01Potential for children with intellectual disability to engage in cognitive behaviour therapy: the parent perspective.Hronis, A; Roberts, R; Roberts, L; Kneebone, I
2014-01-01Systematic review of leisure therapy and its effectiveness in managing functional outcomes in stroke rehabilitationDorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Kneebone, I; Kennedy, P; Lieu, C