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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Actual Bodies are Ageing BodiesRobertson, TJ; Loke, L; Robertson, T
Jan-2013Ageing bodies and the space they call homeDurick, JI; Loke, L; Robertson, T
1-Jan-2015Ageing Well with CSCWLight, A; Leong, T; Robertson, T; Boulus-Rødje, N; Ellingsen, G; Bratteteig, T; Aanestad, M; Bjørn, P
1-Jan-2013Approaching a human-centred internet of thingsKoreshoff, TL; Leong, TW; Robertson, T
1-Dec-2006Balancing work, life and other concerns: A study of mobile technology use by Australian freelancersSadler, K; Robertson, T; Kan, M; Hagen, P
1-Oct-2010Collaboration within different settings: A study of co-located and distributed multidisciplinary medical team meetingsRobertson, T; Li, J; O'Hara, K; Hansen, S
Apr-2009Design representations of moving bodies for interactive, motion-sensing spacesLoke, L; Robertson, T
Jan-2005Designing a movement-based interactive experience using empirically derived personas and scenariosKan, MM; Robertson, TJ; Muller, E; Sadler, KA; Larssen, A; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J
Jan-2011Designing for Conversational Interaction with Interactive Dance WorksJohnston, AJ; CLARKSON, D; Loke, L; Robertson, T
1-Jan-2014Designing for the experiential bodyMentis, H; Isbister, K; Höök, K; Khut, GP; Mueller, F; Robertson, T
1-Dec-2009Designing situationsRobertson, T; Loke, L
19-Mar-2012Distributed scientific group collaboration across biocontainment barriersLi, J; Robertson, T; Müller-Tomfelde, C
Jan-2013Ethics: engagement, representation and politics-in-actionRobertson, TJ; Wagner, I; Simonsen, J; Robertson, T
1-Oct-2007The feel dimension of technology interaction: Exploring tangibles through movement and touchLarssen, AT; Robertson, T; Edwards, J
2005From movable type to moving type - evolution in technological mediated typographyBachfischer, G; Robertson, T; MacColl, I.
1-Jan-2013Habituated interaction and social objectsNansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Durick, JI
1-Dec-2004HCI practices and the work of information architectsRobertson, T; Hewlett, C
1-Dec-2011Identifying stakeholder perspectives in a large collaborative project: An ICT4D case studyHansen, S; Robertson, T; Wilson, L; Thinyane, H; Gumbo, S
1-Jan-2006Indigenous Participation in Information Technology Project: Achievements and Challenges of the First Three YearsEvelyn Dyson, L; Robertson, T
1-Jan-2013Internet of things: A review of literature and productsKoreshoff, TL; Robertson, T; Leong, TW