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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02Enhancing paediatric palliative care: A rapid review to inform continued development of care for children with life-limiting conditions.Ekberg, S; Bowers, A; Bradford, N; Ekberg, K; Rolfe, M; Elvidge, N; Cook, R; Roberts, S-J; Howard, C; Agar, M; Deleuil, R; Fleming, S; Hynson, J; Jolly, A; Heywood, M; Waring, S; Rice, T; Vickery, A
2016-12Local birthing services for rural women: Adaptation of a rural New South Wales maternity service.Durst, M; Rolfe, M; Longman, J; Robin, S; Dhnaram, B; Mullany, K; Wright, I; Barclay, L
2017-11-01Maternity services for rural and remote Australia: barriers to operationalising national policyLongman, J; Kornelsen, J; Pilcher, J; Kildea, S; Kruske, S; Grzybowski, S; Robin, S; Rolfe, M; Donoghue, D; Morgan, GG; Barclay, L
2016-09Primary Maternity Units in rural and remote Australia: Results of a national survey.Kruske, S; Kildea, S; Jenkinson, B; Pilcher, J; Robin, S; Rolfe, M; Kornelsen, J; Barclay, L
2012-06-01The professionalising of breast feeding-Where are we a decade on?Barclay, L; Longman, J; Schmied, V; Sheehan, A; Rolfe, M; Burns, E; Fenwick, J
2016-07Reconceptualising risk: Perceptions of risk in rural and remote maternity service planning.Barclay, L; Kornelsen, J; Longman, J; Robin, S; Kruske, S; Kildea, S; Pilcher, J; Martin, T; Grzybowski, S; Donoghue, D; Rolfe, M; Morgan, G
2016-03Remote links: Redesigning maternity care for Aboriginal women from remote communities in Northern Australia - A comparative cohort study.Kildea, S; Gao, Y; Rolfe, M; Josif, CM; Bar-Zeev, SJ; Steenkamp, M; Kruske, S; Williams, D; Dunbar, T; Barclay, LM
2017-10-01Risk factors for preterm, low birthweight and small for gestational age births among Aboriginal women from remote communities in Northern AustraliaKildea, SV; Gao, Y; Rolfe, M; Boyle, J; Tracy, S; Barclay, LM