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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01The Australian community renewable energy sector - Challenges and opportunitiesIson, N; Hicks, J; Gilding, J; Ross, K
2011-01Barriers to demand management: A survey of stakeholder perceptionsDunstan, C; Ross, K; Ghiotto, N
2014Brief: Integration of equity in the Water Safety Plan process in BangladeshRoss, K; Winterford, K; Willetts, J
2014Brief: User surveys strengthen water safety planning and equity outcomes in the PhilippinesRoss, K; Winterford, K; Willetts, J
2014Brief: Workshop in Nepal raises awareness on the benefits of integrating equity in water safety planningWinterford, K; Ross, K; Willetts, J
2015-01-01A case study analysis of formal and informal institutional arrangements for local scale wastewater services in IndonesiaMason, N; Ross, K; Mitchell, C
2019-01-01Detection of classic and cryptic Strongyloides genotypes by deep amplicon sequencing: A preliminary survey of dog and human specimens collected from remote Australian communitiesBeknazarova, M; Barratt, JLN; Bradbury, RS; Lane, M; Whiley, H; Ross, K
2011-01Distributed generation in Australia: A status reviewGhiotto, N; Dunstan, C; Ross, K
2013-01-01The economic, social and environmental implications of population growth in Australian citiesPaddon, M; Partridge, E; Sharpe, S; Moore, D; Herriman, E; Ross, K
2021-01-01Educating During the Great Transformation: Relationality and Transformative Sustainability EducationLange, E; Ross, K; O'Neil, JKP
2023-09Embodied LearningAllen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, B; Melvold, J; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Ross, K; Philipp, T; Schmohl, T
2021-09-13Embodied learning for a complex world: exploring creative education approaches through a transdisciplinary workshop.Allen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, A; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Melvold, J; Ross, K
2016-05-18Exploring legal and policy aspects of urban sanitation and hygieneKome, A; Ross, K; Carrard, N; Willetts, J; Mills, F; Abeysuriya, KR; Murta, J
2016-01-01Findings and Recommendations. A synthesis for key stakeholders community scale sanitation in Indonesia.Mitchell, C; Ross, K
2014-01Governance for decentralized sanitation: Global Practice Scan. A working document.Ross, K; Abeysuriya, K; Mitchell, C; Mikhailovich, N
2016-01-01Governance of local scale sanitation: How to design governance for lasting service? Guidance Material: IntroductionMitchell, C; Ross, K
2016-01-01Governance of local scale sanitation: Visual Synthesis Report for key stakeholders in IndonesiaMitchell, C; Ross, K; Puspowardoyo, P; Wedahuditama, F
2016-01-01How to design governance for lasting service? Visual resource for workshop, guided stakeholder discussion and group/individual reflectionMitchell, C; Ross, K; Puspowardoyo, P; Rosenqvist, T; Wedahuditama, F
2015-11-15Impacts of Policy on Electric Vehicle DiffusionUsher, J; Higgens, A; Ross, K; Dunstan, C; Paevere, P
2023Indigenous KnowledgeLe Hunte, B; Yunkaporta, T; Melvold, J; Potts, M; Ross, K; Allen, L; Philipp, T; Schmohl, T