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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-09A multi-institutional assessment of changes in higher education teaching and learning in the face of COVID-19Bartolic, SK; Boud, D; Agapito, J; Verpoorten, D; Williams, S; Lutze-Mann, L; Matzat, U; Moreno, MM; Polly, P; Tai, J; Marsh, HL; Lin, L; Burgess, J-L; Habtu, S; Rodrigo, MMM; Roth, M; Heap, T; Guppy, N
2013-12-05Bronchial smooth muscle cells of asthmatics promote angiogenesis through elevated secretion of CXC-chemokines (ENA-78, GRO-α, and IL-8)Keglowich, L; Roth, M; Philippova, M; Resink, T; Tjin, G; Oliver, B; Lardinois, D; Dessus-Babus, S; Gosens, R; Haack, KH; Tamm, M; Borger, P
2009-08-01Dimethylfumarate inhibits NF-κB function at multiple levels to limit airway smooth muscle cell cytokine secretionSeidel, P; Merfort, I; Hughes, JM; Oliver, BGG; Tamm, M; Roth, M
2006-05-03Increased proinflammatory responses from asthmatic human airway smooth muscle cells in response to rhinovirus infectionOliver, BGG; Johnston, SL; Baraket, M; Burgess, JK; King, NJC; Roth, M; Lim, S; Black, JL
2011-12-01IκBα glutathionylation and reduced histone H3 phosphorylation inhibit eotaxin and RANTESSeidel, P; Roth, M; Ge, Q; Merfort, I; S'ng, CT; Ammit, AJ
2009-10-01Molecular mechanisms of combination therapy with inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting β-agonistsBlack, JL; Oliver, BGG; Roth, M
2008-06-01Rhinovirus exposure impairs immune responses to bacterial products in human alveolar macrophagesOliver, BGG; Lim, S; Wark, P; Laza-Stanca, V; King, N; Black, JL; Burgess, JK; Roth, M; Johnston, SL
2022-01-01Student vulnerabilities and confidence in learning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemicBartolic, S; Matzat, U; Tai, J; Burgess, JL; Boud, D; Craig, H; Archibald, A; De Jaeger, A; Kaplan-Rakowski, R; Lutze-Mann, L; Polly, P; Roth, M; Heap, T; Agapito, J; Guppy, N
2021-11-20Teaching and learning under COVID-19 public health edicts: the role of household lockdowns and prior technology usageGuppy, N; Boud, D; Heap, T; Verpoorten, D; Matzat, U; Tai, J; Lutze-Mann, L; Roth, M; Polly, P; Burgess, J-L; Agapito, J; Bartolic, S