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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-182015 Green Electricity Guide Methodology and ResultsDownes, J; Norris, K; Rutovitz, J
2017-11-20Beyond Coal: Alternatives to Extending the Life of Liddell Power StationDunstan, C; Mcintosh, B; Mey, F; Nagrath, K; Rutovitz, J; White, S
2013-10-01Breaking the solar gridlock. Potential benefits of installing concentrating solar thermal power at constrained locations in the NEMRutovitz, J; Peterseim, J; Elliston, B; Harris, S; Mohr, S; Lovegrove, K; Want, A; Langham, E; MacGill, I
2015-01-01Building a Level Playing Field for Local Energy: Local Network Charges and Local Electricity Trading ExplainedRutovitz, J; Langham, E; Atherton, A; McIntosh, L
2022-08-01Building a ‘Fair and Fast’ energy transition? Renewable energy employment, skill shortages and social licence in regional areasBriggs, C; Atherton, A; Gill, J; Langdon, R; Rutovitz, J; Nagrath, K
2012-01Calculating global energy sector jobs: 2012 methodologyRutovitz, J; Harris, SM
2015-01-01Calculating global energy sector jobs: 2015 methodologyRutovitz, J; Dominish, E; Downes, J
2014-09-01Calculating the network value of local generation and consumptionLangham, E; Rutovitz, J; Cooper, C; Dunstan, C
2019-04-10Case Studies from Transition Processes in Coal Dependent CommunitiesMey, F; Briggs, C; Nagrath, K; Rutovitz, J
2018-10-30Comparison of Dispatchable Renewable Electricity Options: Technologies for an orderly transitionLovegrove, K; James, G; Leitch, D; Milczarek, A; Ngo, A; Rutovitz, J; Watt, M; Wyder, J
2021-10-06Developing the future energy workforce. Opportunity assessment for RACE for 2030Rutovitz, J; Visser, D; Sharpe, S; Taylor, H; Jennings, K; Atherton, A; Briggs, C; Mey, F; Niklas, S; Bos, A; Ferraro, S; Mahmoudi, F; Dwyer, S; Sharp, D; Mortimer, G
2011-01Drilling down: Coal seam gas - a background paperRutovitz, J; Harris, SM; Kuruppu, N; Dunstan, C
2021E3 Opportunity Assessment: Developing the future energy workforce.Briggs, C; Rutovitz, J; Visser, D; Sharpe, S; Taylor, H; Jennings, K; Niklas, S; Annette, B; Ferraro, S; Mahmoudi, F; Sharp, D; Mortimer, G
2016-09-01An Economic Impact Analysis of Local Generation Network Credits in New South WalesKelly, S; Rutovitz, J; Langham, E; McIntosh, L
2023-12Economic Viability Assessment of Neighbourhood versus Residential Batteries: Insights from an Australian Case StudyMohseni, S; Rutovitz, J; Smith, H; Dwyer, S; Tahir, F
2011-01Electrical trades in the green economy: analysis of the NSW energy sector to 2020Rutovitz, J; Ison, N; Langham, E; Paddon, M
2013-01Electricity retailer disclosure study: Briefing notes for the Total Environment CentreDownes, J; Berry, F; Rutovitz, J
2023Electricity Sector Workforce Projections for the 2022 ISP: Focus on New South Wales. Revision 1.Rutovitz, J; Langdon, R; Mey, F; Briggs, C
2022-01-31Employment, Skills and Supply Chains: Renewable Energy in NSW – Final ReportWright, S; Briggs, C; Atherton, A; Langdon, S; Jazbec, M; Rutovitz, J; Cunningham, R; Nagrath, K; Wright, S
2009-01Energy sector jobs to 2030: a global analysisRutovitz, J; Atherton, AM