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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A decision model for efficient service design in the sharing economy: a service triad perspectiveChowdhury, MMH; Sajib, S; Scerri, M; Khan, EA
2012Achieving dynamic capability through collaborative ICT infrastructure: a strategic driver of SME's in an emerging economy to participate in collaborative value networkSajib, S; Agarwal, R; Bala Subramanya, MH; Balachandra, P; Srinivasan, R; Akhilesh, KB; Iyer, PP; Mukopadhyay, C; Ramachandran, P; Mathirajan, M
2021-11-01Addressing Algorithmic Bias in AI-Driven Customer ManagementAkter, S; Dwivedi, YK; Biswas, K; Michael, K; Bandara, RJ; Sajib, S
2021-10-01Algorithmic bias in data-driven innovation in the age of AIAkter, S; McCarthy, G; Sajib, S; Michael, K; Dwivedi, YK; D'Ambra, J; Shen, KN
2022-05-01Algorithmic bias in machine learning-based marketing modelsAkter, S; Dwivedi, YK; Sajib, S; Biswas, K; Bandara, RJ; Michael, K
2013-01Dynamic Capability Building through partnering: An Australian Mobile handset case StudyAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Sajib, S; Scerri, M; Grimmer Martin
2014-08-31Dynamic capability building through partnering: An Australian mobile handset case studyAgarwal, R; Scerri, M; Sajib, S; Selen, W
2021-10-12How to empower analytics capability to tackle emergency situations?Akter, S; Bandara, RJ; Sajib, S
2023-06-20Introduction to the handbook of big data research methodsAkter, S; Wamba, SF; Sajib, S; Hossain, S
2012-01Mobilizing Innovation Capability From Service Value Network to Partnering Companies: A Theoretical StudySajib, S; Agarwal, R; Soontiens, W
2021-11Sharing begins at home: A social licence framework for home sharing practicesBaumber, A; Schweinsberg, S; Scerri, M; Kaya, E; Sajib, S