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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11A comprehensive study on heterogeneous single atom catalysis: Current progress, and challenges☆Swain, S; Altaee, A; Saxena, M; Samal, AK
2023-08A machine learning approach for prediction of reverse solute flux in forward osmosisIbrar, I; Yadav, S; Altaee, A; Braytee, A; Samal, AK; Javaid, SM; Hawari, AH
2022-06-06A Unique Bridging Facet Assembly of Gold Nanorods for the Detection of Thiram through Surface-Enhanced Raman ScatteringM. B., B; B., RP; Tripathi, A; Yadav, S; John, NS; Thapa, R; Altaee, A; Saxena, M; Samal, AK
2022-01-01Advanced Functional Materials for the Detection of Perfluorinated Compounds in WaterJena, SR; Yadav, S; Yadav, A; Bhavya, MB; Altaee, A; Saxena, M; Samal, AK
2024-05Anisotropic Cu2O nanostructures: A promising remediation for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substancesRhakho, N; Jena, S; Saxena, M; Altaee, A; Jadhav, AH; Samal, AK
2022-04-12Cobalt-Iron Decorated Tellurium Nanotubes for High Energy Density SupercapacitorAltaee, A; Bhol, P; Swain, S; Samal, AK
2023-05Desalination by the forward osmosis: Advancement and challengesAbounahia, N; Ibrar, I; Kazwini, T; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Zaidi, SJ; Hawari, AH
2023-09Detection of PFAS via surface-enhanced Raman scattering: Challenges and future perspectivesBhavya, MB; Rhakho, N; Jena, SR; Yadav, S; Altaee, A; Saxena, M; Samal, AK
2024-01-08Editorial: Shape and Size-Dependent Nanostructures for Environmental ApplicationsBaral, B; Altaee, A; Simeonidis, K; Samal, AK
2022-03-15Evaluation of machine learning algorithms to predict internal concentration polarization in forward osmosisIbrar, I; Yadav, S; Braytee, A; Altaee, A; HosseinZadeh, A; Samal, AK; Zhou, JL; Khan, JA; Bartocci, P; Fantozzi, F
2022-09-04Experimental and theoretical work on reverse osmosis - Dual stage pressure retarded osmosis hybrid systemAltaee, A; Al-Zainati, N; Subbiah, S; Yadav, S; Bartocci, P; Ibrar, I; Zhou, J; Samal, AK; Fantozzi, F
2020-11Feasibility of brackish water and landfill leachate treatment by GO/MoS2-PVA composite membranes.Yadav, S; Ibrar, I; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Ghobadi, R; Zhou, J
2021-09Feasibility of H2O2 cleaning for forward osmosis membrane treating landfill leachateIbrar, I; Yadav, S; Ganbat, N; Samal, AK; Altaee, A; Zhou, JL; Nguyen, TV
2021-06-20Functionalized Nanomaterials (FNMs) for Environmental ApplicationsAltaee, A; Swain, S; Bhol, P; Yadav, S; Saxena, M; Misra, PK; Samal, AK
-Functionalized Silver Nanocubes for the Detection of Hazardous Analytes through Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering: Experimental and Computational StudiesBasavaraja, BM; Bantwal, RP; Tripathi, A; Hegde, G; John, NS; Thapa, R; Hegde, G; Balakrishna, RG; Saxena, M; Altaee, A; Samal, AK
2021-03-22Graphene-Based Membranes for Water and Wastewater Treatment: A ReviewBhol, P; Yadav, S; Altaee, A; Saxena, M; Misra, PK; Samal, AK
2023-11Gravity-Driven Composite Cellulose Acetate/Activated Carbon Aluminium-Based Hydrogel Membrane for Landfill Wastewater TreatmentKarbassiyazdi, E; Altaee, A; Razmjou, A; Samal, AK; Khabbaz, H
2021-08-01Heterostructures of 2D materials-quantum dots (QDs) for optoelectronic devices: challenges and opportunitiesYadav, S; Jena, SR; M.B, B; Altaee, A; Saxena, M; Samal, AK
2021-12High-Performance Mild Annealed CNT/GO-PVA Composite Membrane for Brackish Water TreatmentYadav, S; Ibrar, I; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Karbassiyazdi, E; Zhou, J; Bartocci, P
2023-11Hybrid and enhanced electrokinetic system for soil remediation from heavy metals and organic matterHamdi, FM; Ganbat, N; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Ibrar, I; Zhou, JL; Sharif, AO