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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-01A flexible input-output price model for assessment of a nexus perspective to energy, water, food security policymakingVats, G; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
2020-06-01A governance perspective on electricity industry development: The case of Papua New GuineaSandu, S; Yang, M; Shi, X; Chi, Y
2017-01-01Adequacy of Renewable Energy Policies: A Preliminary AssessmentYang, M; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
2018Agent-Based Knowledge Framework of Energy Planning System.Anggoro, Y; Sandu, S; Beydoun, G; Hirano, M; Myers, MD; Kijima, K; Tanabu, M; Senoo, D
2020Analysis of Macroeconomic Impacts of Energy Security Improvements in AsiaSharma, D; Sandu, S; Yang, M; Soytas, U; Sari, R
2021-12-15Assessment of accessible, clean and efficient energy systems: A statistical analysis of composite energy performance indicesSandu, S; Yang, M; Phoumin, H; Aghdam, RF; Shi, X
2007Assessment of carbon tax as a policy option for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions in AustraliaSandu, S
2010-01Australian Energy Resource AssessmentSandu, S; Jaques, L; Bradshaw, M; Carson, L; Budd, A; Huleatt, M; Hutchinson, D; Lambert, I; LePoidevin, S; McKay, A; Miezitis, Y; Sait, R; Zhu, R; Hughes, M; Ball, A; Cuevas-Cubria, C; Copeland, A; Hogan, L; Lampard, M; Maliyasena, A; New, R; Penney, K; Petchey, R; McCallum, R; Warr, S
2007-01Australian energy: National and state projections to 2029-30Syed, A; Wilson, R; Sandu, S; Cuevas-Cubria, C; Clarke, A
2018-12-01Electric vehicles in China: A review of current policiesLi, W; Yang, M; Sandu, S
2009-01End use energy intensity in the Australian economySandu, S; Petchey, R
2008-01Energy Challenges for Thailand: An OverviewChaivongvilan, S; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
2020-07-12Energy Sustainability in Asia: An assessment based on composite indices and panel regressionSandu, S; Yang, M; Phoumin, H; Aghdam, RF; Phoumin, H; Taghizadeh-Hesary, F; Kimura, F
2019-12-07Energy-related CO<inf>2</inf> emissions growth in ASEAN countries: Trends, drivers and policy implicationsSandu, S; Yang, M; Mahlia, TMI; Wongsapai, W; Ong, HC; Putra, N; Ashrafur Rahman, SM
2016Integrated top-down and bottom-up model for energy and CO2 emissions analysis from Thailand’s long-term low carbon energy efficiency and renewable energy planWongsapai, W; Ritkrerkkrai, C; Pongthanaisawan, J; Sandu, S
2019-09-26A Methodological Framework for Assessing Macroeconomic Impacts of Energy Security Improvements in AsiaSharma, D; Sandu, S; Yang, M; Soytas, U; Sari, R
2008-03-01The relationship between electricity and gas industries in AustraliaVaiyavuth, R; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
2019-10-28Renewable energy in Australia: a wider policy discourseYang, M; Sandu, S; Li, W; Khalid, MT
2008-01Trends in Energy Intensity in Australian IndustrySandu, S; Syed, A