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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-01A Critical Aspect of Dynamic Stability in Autonomous Microgrids: Interaction of Droop Controllers Through the Power NetworkEskandari, M; Savkin, AV
2020-06-04A Method for Covert Video Surveillance of a Car or a Pedestrian by an Autonomous Aerial Drone via Trajectory PlanningHuang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2012-12-01An algorithm for collision free navigation of an intelligent powered wheelchair in dynamic environmentsWang, C; Savkin, AV; Nguyen, TN; Nguyen, HT
2013-10-31An algorithm of decentralized encircling coverage and termination of a moving deformable region by mobile robotic sensor/actuator networksSavkin, AV; Xi, Z; Nguyen, HT
2009-04-07Assessing the human cardiovascular response to moderate exercise: Feature extraction by support vector regressionWang, L; Su, SW; Celler, BG; Chan, GSH; Cheng, TM; Savkin, AV
2022-01-01Autonomous Guidance of an Aerial Drone for Maintaining an Effective Wireless Communication Link with a Moving Node Using an Intelligent Reflecting SurfaceEskandari, M; Huang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2023-12-01Autonomous UAV 3D trajectory optimization and transmission scheduling for sensor data collection on uneven terrainsSavkin, AV; Verma, SC; Ni, W
2008-12-01Cardiovascular response identification based on nonlinear support vector regressionWang, L; Su, SW; Chan, GSH; Celler, BG; Cheng, TM; Savkin, AV
2013-12-01A collision avoidance strategy for safe autonomous navigation of an intelligent electric-powered wheelchair in dynamic uncertain environments with moving obstaclesWang, C; Matveev, AS; Savkin, AV; Nguyen, TN; Nguyen, HT
2023-09-01Collision-Free 3-D Navigation of a UAV Team for Optimal Data Collection in Internet-of-Things Networks With Reconfigurable Intelligent SurfacesSavkin, AV; Huang, C; Ni, W
2022-01-01Consensus-Based Autonomous Navigation of a Team of RIS-Equipped UAVs for LoS Wireless Communication With Mobile Nodes in High-Density AreasEskandari, M; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2020-01-01Continuous Description of Human 3D Motion Intent through Switching MechanismHuang, Y; Song, R; Argha, A; Savkin, AV; Celler, BG; Su, SW
2015-07-14Decentralized Coverage Control Problems For Mobile Robotic Sensor and Actuator NetworksSavkin, AV; Cheng, TM; Xi, Z; Javed, F; Matveev, AS; Nguyen, H
2015-01Decentralized Integral Controllability Analysis Based on a New Unconditional Stability CriterionSu, SW; Savkin, AV; Guo, Y; Celler, BG; Nguyen, HT
2015-01-01Decentralized integral controllability analysis based on a new unconditional stability criterionSu, SW; Savkin, AV; Guo, Y; Celler, BG; Nguyen, HT
2022-10-01Decentralized Navigation of a UAV Team for Collaborative Covert Eavesdropping on a Group of Mobile Ground NodesHuang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2016-01-01Distributed formation building algorithms for groups of wheeled mobile robotsSavkin, AV; Wang, C; Baranzadeh, A; Xi, Z; Nguyen, HT
2021-05Distributed model predictive control for joint coordination of demand response and optimal power flow with renewables in smart gridShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Savkin, AV; Lin, C-T; Zhu, JG; Poor, HV
2023-10-01Effective UAV Navigation for Cellular-Assisted Radio Sensing, Imaging, and TrackingSavkin, AV; Ni, W; Eskandari, M
2020-01-01Energy-efficient 3D navigation of a solar-powered UAV for secure communication in the presence of eavesdroppers and no-fly zonesHuang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W