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2021-11-17Acceptability and appropriateness of a clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients: a mixed methods study of staff perspectives.Butow, P; Shepherd, HL; Cuddy, J; Harris, M; He, S; Masya, L; Faris, M; Rankin, NM; Beale, P; Girgis, A; Kelly, B; Grimison, P; ADAPT Program Group,; Shaw, J
2023-12Anticipatory anxiety and participation in cancer screening. A systematic review.Goodwin, B; Anderson, L; Collins, K; Sanjida, S; Riba, M; Singh, GK; Campbell, KM; Green, H; Ishaque, S; Kwok, A; Opozda, MJ; Pearn, A; Shaw, J; Sansom-Daly, UM; Tsirgiotis, JM; Janda, M; Grech, L
2018-09-01Clinical anxiety disorders in the context of cancer: A scoping review of impact on resource use and healthcare costsShaw, J; Pearce, A; Lopez, AL; Price, MA
2023Community workshops increase advance care planning knowledge, appointment of legal proxies and completion of end-of life written plans.Haywood, D; Shaw, J; Williams, T; Watts, K; Kane, R; O'Connor, M
2018-11-07Comparison of implementation strategies to influence adherence to the clinical pathway for screening, assessment and management of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients (ADAPT CP): Study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trialButow, P; Shaw, J; Shepherd, HL; Price, M; Masya, L; Kelly, B; Rankin, NM; Girgis, A; Hack, TF; Beale, P; Viney, R; Dhillon, HM; Coll, J; Kelly, P; Lovell, M; Grimison, P; Shaw, T; Luckett, T; Cuddy, J; White, F; Andrews, G; Allison, K; Geerligs, L; Baychek, K; Piro, D; Pearce, A; Yim, J
2022-01-31Development, acceptability and uptake of an on-line communication skills education program targeting challenging conversations for oncology health professionals related to identifying and responding to anxiety and depression.Shaw, J; Allison, K; Cuddy, J; Lindsay, T; Grimison, P; Shepherd, H; Butow, P; Shaw, T; Baychek, K; ADAPT Program Group,; Kelly, B
2023-05-22Effect of core versus enhanced implementation strategies on adherence to a clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients in routine care: a cluster randomised controlled trial.Butow, P; Faris, MM; Shaw, J; Kelly, P; He, S; Harris, M; Cuddy, J; Masya, L; Geerligs, L; Kelly, B; Girgis, A; Rankin, N; Beale, P; Hack, TF; Kirsten, L; Dhillon, H; Grimison, P; Viney, R; Clayton, JM; Schlub, T; ADAPT Program Group,; Shepherd, HL
2003-02-25Effects of aging on vibration detection thresholds at various body regionsStuart, M; Turman, AB; Shaw, J; Walsh, N; Nguyen, V
2019-10-18The Elusive Search for Success: Defining and Measuring Implementation Outcomes in a Real-World Hospital TrialShepherd, HL; Geerligs, L; Butow, P; Masya, L; Shaw, J; Price, M; Dhillon, HM; Hack, TF; Girgis, A; Luckett, T; Lovell, M; Kelly, B; Beale, P; Grimison, P; Shaw, T; Viney, R; Rankin, NM
2022-07-18Experiences and perspectives of cancer stakeholders regarding COVID-19 vaccination.Bartley, N; Havard, P; Butow, P; Shaw, J; COVID-19 Cancer Stakeholder Authorship Group,
2023-10Exploring the clinical utility of a brief screening measure of unmet supportive care needs in people with high-grade glioma.Campbell, R; Faris, M; Shaw, J; Halkett, GKB; Legge, D; Koh, E-S; Nowak, AK; Agar, MR; Ownsworth, T; Pike, KE; Chan, RJ; Dhillon, HM
2021-06Investigating the Association Between Self-Reported Comorbid Anxiety and Depression and Health Service Use in Cancer Survivors.Yim, J; Shaw, J; Viney, R; Arora, S; Ezendam, N; Pearce, A
2013-12-01Minor impact of ocean acidification to the composition of the active microbial community in an Arctic sedimentTait, K; Laverock, B; Shaw, J; Somerfield, PJ; Widdicombe, S
2021-12Patient Preferences for Anxiety and Depression Screening in Cancer Care: A Discrete Choice Experiment.Yim, J; Arora, S; Shaw, J; Street, DJ; Pearce, A; Viney, R
2016Schaeffer’s Sound EffectsStevenson, I; Macarthur, S; Lochhead, J; Shaw, J
2022-02-14Staff perspectives on the feasibility of a clinical pathway for anxiety and depression in cancer care, and mid-implementation adaptations.Butow, P; Shepherd, HL; Cuddy, J; Rankin, N; Harris, M; He, S; Grimison, P; Girgis, A; Faris, M; ADAPT Program Group,; Shaw, J
2016-08-15An ultra-low bandgap diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-based polymer with balanced ambipolar charge transport for organic field-effect transistorsJiang, T; Xue, Z; Ford, M; Shaw, J; Cao, X; Tao, Y; Hu, Y; Huang, W
2021-09-14Uptake of an online psychological therapy program (iCanADAPT-Early) when implemented within a clinical pathway in cancer care centres.Davies, F; Harris, M; Shaw, J; Butow, P; Newby, J; Murphy, M; Kirsten, L; ADAPT Program Group,; Shepherd, HL
2023-06Vaccine hesitancy in cancer patients: A rapid review.Butow, P; Shaw, J; Bartley, N; Milch, V; Sathiaraj, R; Turnbull, S; Der Vartanian, C
2020-10-23What factors influence organisational readiness for change? Implementation of the Australian clinical pathway for the screening, assessment and management of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients (ADAPT CP).Geerligs, L; Shepherd, HL; Butow, P; Shaw, J; Masya, L; Cuddy, J; ADAPT Program Group; Rankin, NM