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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Ability to 'explain in plain english' linked to proficiency in computer-based programming.Murphy, L; Fitzgerald, S; Lister, RF; McCauley, R; Clear, A; Sanders, K; Simon, B
Jan-2006Code classification as a learning and asssessment exercise for novice programmersThompson, E; Whalley, J; Lister, RF; Simon, B; Mann, S; Bridgeman, N
Jan-2013Geek Genes, Prior Knowledge, Stumbling Points and Learning Edge Momentum: Parts of the One Elephant?Ahadi, A; Lister, RF; Simon, B; Clear, A; Cutts, Q
Jan-2008Going SOLO to Assess Novice ProgrammersSheard, J; Carbone, A; Lister, RF; Simon, B; Thompson, E; Whalley, J; Amillo, J; Laxer, C; Menasalvas, E; Young, A
2006Multi-institutional computer science education research: A review of recent studies of novice understandingSimon, B; Lister, R; Fincher, S; Lord, S & Hayhurst, D
Jan-2004A Multi-National Study of Reading and Tracing Skills in Novice ProgrammersLister, RF; Adams, E; Fitzgerald, S; Fone, W; Hamer, J; Lindholm, M; McCartney, R; Mostrom, J; Sanders, K; Seppala, O; Simon, B; Thomas, L
Jan-2006Not seeing the forest for the trees: Novice programmers and the SOLO taxonomyLister, RF; Simon, B; Thompson, E
Jan-2012On the reliability of classifying programming tasks using a neo-piagetian theory of cognitive developmentGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, RF; Teague, D; Clear, A; Sanders, K; Simon, B
Jan-2014Predicting Student Success using Fine Grain Clicker DataPorter, L; Zingaro, D; Lister, RF; Cutts, Q; Simon, B; Dorn, B
Jan-2008Reliably Classifying Novice Programmer Exam Responses using the SOLO TaxonomyClear, T; Whalley, J; Lister, RF; Carbone, A; Hu, M; Sheard, J; Simon, B; Thompson, E; Mann, S; Lopez, M
Jan-2008The Teaching of Novice Computer Programmers:Bringing the Scholarly-Research Approach to AustraliaClear, T; Edwards, J; Lister, RF; Simon, B; Thompson, E; Whalley, J; Hamilton, S; Hamilton, M