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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-01A QoS-Aware Data Collection Protocol for LLNs in Fog-Enabled Internet of ThingsSanwar Hosen, ASMS; Singh, S; Sharma, PK; Rahman, MS; Ra, IH; Cho, GH; Puthal, D
2021A sequence analysis approach to segmenting credit card customersHo, H; Tien, KM; Wu, A; Singh, S
-Advances in pulmonary drug delivery targeting microbial biofilms in respiratory diseasesSharma, A; Kumar, D; Dahiya, K; Hawthorne, S; Jha, SK; Jha, NK; Nand, P; Girgis, S; Raj, S; Srivastava, R; Goswami, VK; Gregoriou, Y; El-Zahaby, SA; Ojha, S; Dureja, H; Gupta, G; Singh, S; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2021-01-01An Overview of Conversational Agent: Applications, Challenges and Future DirectionsAlnefaie, A; Singh, S; Kocaballi, B; Prasad, M
2021-01-01Application of mutation operators to salp swarm algorithmSalgotra, R; Singh, U; Singh, G; Singh, S; Gandomi, AH
2018-11-12Cerium oxide nanoparticles at the nano-bio interface: size-dependent cellular uptakeSingh, S; Ly, A; Das, S; Sakthivel, TS; Barkam, S; Seal, S
2017-11-01Channels for search and purchase: Does mobile Internet matter?Singh, S; Swait, J
2007-01Comparison of SVMs in Number Plate RecognitionZheng, L; He, S; Hintz, TB; Singh, S; Singh, M
2013-01Consumer choice and multi-store shopping: An empirical investigationSingh, S; Ratchford, B; Prasad, A; Anon
2020-04-22Consumer Choice and Multi-Store Shopping: an Empirical InvestigationPrasad, A; Ratchford, B; Singh, S
2018-08-01Defining an ‘older’ patient in the context of therapeutic decision making: perspectives of Australian pharmacists and nursesKrzyżaniak, N; Singh, S; Bajorek, B
2014-10-01Defining ‘elderly’ in clinical practice guidelines for pharmacotherapySingh, S; Bajorek, B
2014-12-01Does the Use of Facebook Lead to Purchases?Waller, DS; Noguti, V; Singh, S; Rundle-Thiele, S; Kubacki, K; Arli, D
-Effects of curcumin-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles in MDA-MB231 human breast cancer cellsSharma, A; Hawthorne, S; Jha, SK; Jha, NK; Kumar, D; Girgis, S; Goswami, VK; Gupta, G; Singh, S; Dureja, H; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2021-11-16Explaining the Factors Influencing Consumer Perception, Adoption Readiness, and Perceived Usefulness toward Digital Transactions: Online Retailing Experience of Millennials in IndiaJoshi, S; Sharma, M; Bisht, P; Singh, S
2016Gender Differences in Motivations to Use Social Networking SitesNoguti, V; Singh, S; Waller, DS; English, R; Johns, R
2018-01-01Gender differences in motivations to use social networking sitesNoguti, V; Singh, S; Waller, DS
2021-09-01Groundwater quality issues and challenges for drinking and irrigation uses in central ganga basin dominated with rice-wheat cropping systemKumar, S; Kumar, M; Chandola, VK; Kumar, V; Saini, RK; Pant, N; Kumari, N; Srivastava, A; Singh, S; Singh, R; Krishan, G; Induwar, SP; Kumar, S; Yadav, BK; Maurya, NS; Chaudhary, A
2017-04-01Hospital pharmacists’ perspectives on the role of key performance indicators in australian pharmacy practiceLloyd, GF; Singh, S; Barclay, P; Goh, S; Bajorek, B
2020Influence of Source Credibility on Search for InformationSingh, S