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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-06-20Age, health, and education determine supportive care needs of men younger than 70 years with prostate cancer.Smith, DP; Supramaniam, R; King, MT; Ward, J; Berry, M; Armstrong, BK
2023Disease mapping: Geographic differences in population rates of interventional treatment for prostate cancer in Australia.Cameron, JK; Chandrasiri, U; Millar, J; Aitken, JF; Cramb, S; Dunn, J; Frydenberg, M; Rashid, P; Mengersen, K; Chambers, SK; Baade, PD; Smith, DP; De Camargo Cancela, M
2018-03-01Factors associated with the use of complementary and alternative medicines for prostate cancer by long-term survivorsEgger, S; Hughes, S; Smith, DP; Chambers, S; Kahn, C; Moxey, A; O’Connell, DL
2019-01-01Factors associated with the use of diet and the use of exercise for prostate cancer by long-term survivorsHughes, S; Egger, S; Carle, C; Smith, DP; Chambers, S; Kahn, C; Caperchione, CM; Moxey, A; O’Connell, DL
2017-01Financial toxicity: a potential side effect of prostate cancer treatment among Australian men.Gordon, LG; Walker, SM; Mervin, MC; Lowe, A; Smith, DP; Gardiner, RA; Chambers, SK
2023-05-18Guidelines for genetic testing in prostate cancer: a scoping review.Tuffaha, H; Edmunds, K; Fairbairn, D; Roberts, MJ; Chambers, S; Smith, DP; Horvath, L; Arora, S; Scuffham, P
2018-06-01Increased risk of suicide in New South Wales men with prostate cancer: Analysis of linked population-wide dataSmith, DP; Calopedos, R; Bang, A; Yu, XQ; Egger, S; Chambers, S; O'Connell, DL
2018-06-01Long-term Psychological and Quality-of-life Effects of Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting After Diagnosis of Low-risk Localised Prostate CancerEgger, SJ; Calopedos, RJ; O'Connell, DL; Chambers, SK; Woo, HH; Smith, DP
2017-01-20Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Chambers, SK; Occhipinti, S; Foley, E; Clutton, S; Legg, M; Berry, M; Stockler, MR; Frydenberg, M; Gardiner, RA; Lepore, SJ; Davis, ID; Smith, DP
2017-07New Challenges in Psycho-Oncology Research III: A systematic review of psychological interventions for prostate cancer survivors and their partners: clinical and research implications.Chambers, SK; Hyde, MK; Smith, DP; Hughes, S; Yuill, S; Egger, S; O'Connell, DL; Stein, K; Frydenberg, M; Wittert, G; Dunn, J
2020-05-08Post-treatment levels of plasma 25- and 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D and mortality in men with aggressive prostate cancer.Nair-Shalliker, V; Bang, A; Egger, S; Clements, M; Gardiner, RA; Kricker, A; Seibel, MJ; Chambers, SK; Kimlin, MG; Armstrong, BK; Smith, DP
2018-03-01“Prostate cancer is far more hidden…”: Perceptions of stigma, social isolation and help-seeking among men with prostate cancerEttridge, KA; Bowden, JA; Chambers, SK; Smith, DP; Murphy, M; Evans, SM; Roder, D; Miller, CL
2012-02-14Survival gains needed to offset persistent adverse treatment effects in localised prostate cancerKing, MT; Viney, R; Smith, DP; Hossain, I; Street, D; Savage, E; Fowler, S; Berry, MP; Stockler, M; Cozzi, P; Stricker, P; Ward, J; Armstrong, BK
2016-12The role of mindfulness in distress and quality of life for men with advanced prostate cancer.Chambers, SK; Foley, E; Clutton, S; McDowall, R; Occhipinti, S; Berry, M; Stockler, MR; Lepore, SJ; Frydenberg, M; Gardiner, RA; Davis, ID; Smith, DP
2017-06What does it cost Medicare to diagnose and treat men with localized prostate cancer in the first year?Mervin, MC; Lowe, A; Gardiner, RA; Smith, DP; Aitken, J; Chambers, SK; Gordon, LG