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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Conserving potential coral reef refuges at high latitudesBeger, M; Sommer, B; Harrison, PL; Smith, SDA; Pandolfi, JM
2019Coral and micro-benthic assemblages from reef habitats in Moreton BayPandolfi, J; Lybolt, M; Sommer, B; Narayan, R; Rachello-Dolmen, P; Tibbetts, IR; Rothlisberg, PC; Neil, DT; Homburg, TA; Brewer, DT; Arthington, AH
2021-10-01Coral assemblages at higher latitudes favour short-term potential over long-term performanceCant, J; Reimer, JD; Sommer, B; Cook, K; Kim, SW; Sims, CA; Mezaki, T; O’Flaherty, C; Brooks, M; Malcolm, HA; Pandolfi, JM; Salguero-Gómez, R; Beger, M
2011-07-01Coral community decline at Bonaire, southern CaribbeanSommer, B; Harrison, PL; Brooks, L; Scheffers, SR
2019-03-25Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas structures – Environmental opportunities and challengesSommer, B; Fowler, AM; Macreadie, PI; Palandro, DA; Aziz, AC; Booth, DJ
2018-03-01Differential response to abiotic stress controls species distributions at biogeographic transition zonesSommer, B; Beger, M; Harrison, PL; Babcock, RC; Pandolfi, JM
2021-12-01Factors Limiting the Range Extension of Corals into High-Latitude Reef RegionsAbrego, D; Howells, EJ; Smith, SDA; Madin, JS; Sommer, B; Schmidt-Roach, S; Cumbo, VR; Thomson, DP; Rosser, NL; Baird, AH
2020-10-01Functional diversity of reef molluscs along a tropical-to-temperate gradientFloyd, M; Mizuyama, M; Obuchi, M; Sommer, B; Miller, MG; Kawamura, I; Kise, H; Reimer, JD; Beger, M
2017-03Global warming and recurrent mass bleaching of corals.Hughes, TP; Kerry, JT; Álvarez-Noriega, M; Álvarez-Romero, JG; Anderson, KD; Baird, AH; Babcock, RC; Beger, M; Bellwood, DR; Berkelmans, R; Bridge, TC; Butler, IR; Byrne, M; Cantin, NE; Comeau, S; Connolly, SR; Cumming, GS; Dalton, SJ; Diaz-Pulido, G; Eakin, CM; Figueira, WF; Gilmour, JP; Harrison, HB; Heron, SF; Hoey, AS; Hobbs, J-PA; Hoogenboom, MO; Kennedy, EV; Kuo, C-Y; Lough, JM; Lowe, RJ; Liu, G; McCulloch, MT; Malcolm, HA; McWilliam, MJ; Pandolfi, JM; Pears, RJ; Pratchett, MS; Schoepf, V; Simpson, T; Skirving, WJ; Sommer, B; Torda, G; Wachenfeld, DR; Willis, BL; Wilson, SK
2018-04-26How does a widespread reef coral maintain a population in an isolated environment?Precoda, K; Baird, AH; Madsen, A; Mizerek, T; Sommer, B; Su, SN; Madin, JS
2021-06-01Linking population size structure, heat stress and bleaching responses in a subtropical endemic coralLachs, L; Sommer, B; Cant, J; Hodge, JM; Malcolm, HA; Pandolfi, JM; Beger, M
2017-08Local and regional controls of phylogenetic structure at the high-latitude range limits of corals.Sommer, B; Sampayo, EM; Beger, M; Harrison, PL; Babcock, RC; Pandolfi, JM
2021-10-01No evidence for tropicalization of coral assemblages in a subtropical climate change hot spotMizerek, TL; Madin, JS; Benzoni, F; Huang, D; Luiz, OJ; Mera, H; Schmidt-Roach, S; Smith, SDA; Sommer, B; Baird, AH
2021-12Photogrammetry as a tool to improve ecosystem restoration.Ferrari, R; Lachs, L; Pygas, DR; Humanes, A; Sommer, B; Figueira, WF; Edwards, AJ; Bythell, JC; Guest, JR
2022-01-01Physiological factors facilitating the persistence of Pocillopora aliciae and Plesiastrea versipora in temperate reefs of south-eastern Australia under ocean warmingGonzález-Pech, RA; Hughes, DJ; Strudwick, P; Lewis, BM; Booth, DJ; Figueira, WF; Sommer, B; Suggett, DJ; Matthews, J
2012-12-01Pole-ward range expansion of Acropora spp. along the east coast of AustraliaBaird, AH; Sommer, B; Madin, JS
2014-01-01Potential and limits of combining studies of coarse-and fine-grained sediments for the coastal event history of a Caribbean carbonate environmentScheffers, AM; Engel, MAX; May, SM; Scheffers, SR; Joannes-Boyau, R; Hänssler, E; Kennedy, K; Kelletat, D; Brückner, H; Vött, A; Schellmann, G; Schäbitz, F; Radtke, U; Sommer, B; Willershäuser, T; Felis, T
2019-11-01Refugia under threat: Mass bleaching of coral assemblages in high-latitude eastern AustraliaKim, SW; Sampayo, EM; Sommer, B; Sims, CA; Gómez-Cabrera, MDC; Dalton, SJ; Beger, M; Malcolm, HA; Ferrari, R; Fraser, N; Figueira, WF; Smith, SDA; Heron, SF; Baird, AH; Byrne, M; Eakin, CM; Edgar, R; Hughes, TP; Kyriacou, N; Liu, G; Matis, PA; Skirving, WJ; Pandolfi, JM
2011-04-01Research challenges to improve the management and conservation of subtropical reefs to tackle climate change threats: (Findings of a workshop conducted in Coffs Harbour, Australia on 13 September 2010)Beger, M; Babcock, R; Booth, DJ; Bucher, D; Condie, SA; Creese, B; Cvitanovic, C; Dalton, SJ; Harrison, P; Hoey, A; Jordan, A; Loder, J; Malcolm, H; Purcell, SW; Roelfsma, C; Sachs, P; Smith, SDA; Sommer, B; Stuart-Smith, R; Thomson, D; Wallace, CC; Zann, M; Pandolfi, JM
2016-01-01Scope for latitudinal extension of reef corals is species specificMadin, JS; Allen, AP; Baird, AH; Pandolfi, JM; Sommer, B