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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-21A bottom-up understanding of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in Lake VictoriaLuomba, J; Chuenpagdee, R; Song, AM
2017-01-01A framework for analyzing institutional gaps in natural resource governanceRahman, HMT; Saint Ville, AS; Song, AM; Po, JYT; Berthet, E; Brammer, JR; Brunet, ND; Jayaprakash, LG; Lowitt, KN; Rastogi, A; Reed, G; Hickey, GM
2022-12-01A framework to guide research engagement in the policy process, with application to small-scale fisheriesRatner, BD; Dubois, MJ; Morrison, TH; Tezzo, X; Song, AM; Mbaru, E; Chimatriro, SK; Cohen, PJ
-A theory of scaling for community-based fisheries managementSteenbergen, DJ; Song, AM; Andrew, N
2020-09Assessing the influence of international environmental treaty secretariats using a relational network approachSong, AM; Temby, O; Kim, D; Hickey, GM
2021-01Blind spots in visions of a “blue economy” could undermine the ocean's contribution to eliminating hunger and malnutritionFarmery, AK; Allison, EH; Andrew, NL; Troell, M; Voyer, M; Campbell, B; Eriksson, H; Fabinyi, M; Song, AM; Steenbergen, D
2019-12-01‘Blue boats’ and ‘reef robbers’: A new maritime security threat for the Asia Pacific?Song, AM; Hoang, VT; Cohen, PJ; Aqorau, T; Morrison, TH
-Civilian at Sea: Understanding Fisheries’ Entanglement with Maritime Border SecuritySong, AM
2020-01-01Collateral damage? Small-scale fisheries in the global fight against IUU fishingSong, AM; Scholtens, J; Barclay, K; Bush, SR; Fabinyi, M; Adhuri, DS; Haughton, M
-Environmental governance theories: a review and application to coastal systemsPartelow, S; Schlüter, A; Armitage, D; Bavinck, M; Carlisle, K; Gruby, RL; Hornidge, A-K; Le Tissier, M; Pittman, JB; Song, AM; Sousa, LP; Văidianu, N; Van Assche, K
2023-01-01EU Trade-Related Measures against Illegal Fishing: Policy Diffusion and Effectiveness in Thailand and AustraliaKadfak, A; Barclay, K; Song, AM
2021-02From conversion to conservation to carbon: The changing policy discourse on mangrove governance and use in the PhilippinesSong, AM; Dressler, WH; Satizábal, P; Fabinyi, M
2019-07-01Governance interactions in small-scale fisheries market chains: Examples from the Asia-PacificSteenbergen, DJ; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Song, AM; Cohen, PJ; Eriksson, H; Mills, DJ
2017-02-01Grand Challenges in the Management and Conservation of North American Inland Fishes and FisheriesLynch, AJ; Cooke, SJ; Beard, TD; Kao, YC; Lorenzen, K; Song, AM; Allen, MS; Basher, Z; Bunnell, DB; Camp, EV; Cowx, IG; Freedman, JA; Nguyen, VM; Nohner, JK; Rogers, MW; Siders, ZA; Taylor, WW; Youn, SJ
2020-01-01How cybernetics explains institutional failure: A case of Greenland's open-air fish marketsSnyder, HT; Olsen, NL; Song, AM
2015-11-01Human dignity: A fundamental guiding value for a human rights approach to fisheries?Song, AM
2018-06-01Intersectorality in the governance of inland fisheriesSong, AM; Bower, SD; Onyango, P; Cooke, SJ; Akintola, SL; Baer, J; Gurung, TB; Hettiarachchi, M; Islam, MM; Mhlanga, W; Nunan, F; Salmi, P; Singh, V; Tezzo, X; Funge-Smith, SJ; Nayak, PK; Chuenpagdee, R
2019-01-01Measuring, mapping and quantifying the effects of trust and informal communication on transboundary collaboration in the Great Lakes fisheries policy networkSong, AM; Temby, O; Kim, D; Saavedra Cisneros, A; Hickey, GM
2021-10Morals and climate decision-making: insights from social and behavioural sciencesLau, JD; Song, AM; Morrison, T; Fabinyi, M; Brown, K; Blythe, J; Allison, EH; Adger, WN
2019-02-01Multi-scale policy diffusion and translation in Pacific Island coastal fisheriesSong, AM; Cohen, PJ; Hanich, Q; Morrison, TH; Andrew, N