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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01A General QoS Aware Flow-Balancing and Resource Management Scheme in Distributed Software-Defined NetworksSood, K; Yu, S; Xiang, Y; Cheng, H
2021-12-01A Tutorial on Next Generation Heterogeneous IoT Networks and Node AuthenticationSood, K; Yu, S; Nguyen, DDN; Xiang, Y; Feng, B; Zhang, X
2022-01-01Accurate Detection of IoT Sensor Behaviors in Legitimate, Faulty and Compromised ScenariosSood, K; Nosouhi, MR; Kumar, N; Gaddam, A; Feng, B; Yu, S
2019-04-01Analysis of Policy-Based Security Management System in Software-Defined NetworksSood, K; Karmakar, KK; Varadharajan, V; Tupakula, U; Yu, S
2022-01-01Bushfire Risk Detection Using Internet of Things: An Application ScenarioNosouhi, MR; Sood, K; Kumar, N; Wevill, T; Thapa, C
2022-01-01Efficient Federated DRL-Based Cooperative Caching for Mobile Edge NetworksTian, A; Feng, B; Zhou, H; Huang, Y; Sood, K; Yu, S; Zhang, H
2021-09-01Enabling Machine Learning with Service Function Chaining for Security Enhancement at 5G EdgesFeng, B; Zhou, H; Li, G; Zhang, Y; Sood, K; Yu, S
2019-08-01HSDC-Net: Secure anonymous messaging in online social networksNosouhi, MR; Yu, S; Sood, K; Grobler, M
2022-01-15Joint optimization of Service Chain Graph Design and Mapping in NFV-enabled networksHe, Y; Zhang, X; Xia, Z; Liu, Y; Sood, K; Yu, S
2020-04-01PASPORT: A Secure and Private Location Proof Generation and Verification FrameworkNosouhi, MR; Sood, K; Yu, S; Grobler, M; Zhang, J
2016-12-01Performance analysis of software-defined network switch using M/Geo/1 modelSood, K; Yu, S; Xiang, Y
2022-01-01Personalized Privacy-Preserving Medical Data Sharing for Blockchain-based Smart Healthcare NetworksQu, Y; Chen, S; Gao, L; Cui, L; Sood, K; Yu, S
2021-03-01Plug-in over Plug-in Evaluation in Heterogeneous 5G Enabled Networks and beyondSood, K; Karmakar, KK; Varadharajen, V; Kumar, N; Xiang, Y; Yu, S
2018-03-01Privacy issues in social networks and analysis: A comprehensive surveyPham, VVH; Yu, S; Sood, K; Cui, L
2020-03-15Reliability-aware virtual network function placement in carrier networksFang, L; Zhang, X; Sood, K; Wang, Y; Yu, S
2019-12SDN-Capable IoT Last-Miles: Design ChallengesSood, K; Pokhrel, SR; Karmakar, K; Vardharajan, V; Yu, S
2022-09-01Security and QoS issues in blockchain enabled next-generation smart logistic networks: A tutorialVaghani, A; Sood, K; Yu, S
2016-08-01Software-Defined Wireless Networking Opportunities and Challenges for Internet-of-Things: A ReviewSood, K; Yu, S; Xiang, Y
2018-01-29A survey on big data stream processing in SDN supported cloud environmentAl-Mansoori, A; Yu, S; Xiang, Y; Sood, K
2018-01-01Towards QoS and Security in Software-Driven Heterogeneous Autonomous NetworksSood, K; Karmakar, K; Vardharajan, V; Tupakula, U; Yu, S