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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-01Adverse events associated with oral administration of melatonin: A critical systematic review of clinical evidenceFoley, HM; Steel, AE
2023-04-17Breastfeeding Aversion Response (BAR): A Descriptive Study.Morns, MA; Steel, AE; McIntyre, E; Burns, E
2021-02-18Characteristics of global naturopathic education, regulation, and practice frameworks: results from an international survey.Dunn, JM; Steel, AE; Adams, J; Lloyd, I; De Groot, N; Hausser, T; Wardle, J
2013-01-14Current challenges and future directions for naturopathic medicine in Australia: A qualitative examination of perceptions and experiences from grassroots practiceWardle, JL; Adams, J; Lui, CW; Steel, AE
2013The drivers and impact of complementary and alternative medicine use in the provision of care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth : a health services research studySteel, AE
2012-01Editorial: Investigating complementary and alternative medicine in maternity care: The need for further public health/health services researchAdams, J; Steel, AE
2014-01The Infuence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in Pregnancy on Labor Pain Management Choices: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample of 1,835 WomenSteel, AE; Adams, J; Sibbritt, D; Broom, A; Frawley, JE; Gallois, C
2022-11"It Makes My Skin Crawl": Women's experience of breastfeeding aversion response (BAR).Morns, MA; Steel, AE; McIntyre, E; Burns, E
2012Research capacity building in traditional, complementary and integrative medicine: Grass-roots action towards a broader visionAdams, J; Sibbritt, D; Broom, A; Wardle, J; Steel, AE; Murthy, V; Daley, J; Adams, J; Andrews, G; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P
2023-05-25The prevalence of breastfeeding aversion response in Australia: A national cross-sectional survey.Morns, MA; Burns, E; McIntyre, E; Steel, AE
2021-12-15Transitioning to practice: a qualitative investigation of Australian graduate naturopath's experiences of being in practice.Leach, MJ; Barnes, LAJ; McLintock, A; Diezel, HM; Ryan, K; Steel, AE
2020-02-21Women who experience feelings of aversion while breastfeeding: A meta-ethnographic review.Morns, MA; Steel, AE; Burns, E; McIntyre, E
2012-01Women's use of complementary and alternative medicine during pregnancy: A critical review of the literatureAdams, J; Lui, C; Sibbritt, D; Broom, A; Wardle, J; Homer, CS; Steel, AE; Beck, S; Adams, J; Andrews, G; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P