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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Bifurcation analysis of a doubly curved thin shell considering inertial effectsRudorf, M; Oberst, S; Stender, M; Hoffmann, N
2019-09-01Complex machine dynamics: systematic recurrence quantification analysis of disk brake vibration dataStender, M; Oberst, S; Tiedemann, M; Hoffmann, N
2021-02-15Deep learning for brake squeal: Brake noise detection, characterization and predictionStender, M; Tiedemann, M; Spieler, D; Schöpflin, D; Hoffmann, N; Oberst, S
2019-08-15Determining growth rates of instabilities from time-series vibration data: Methods and applications for brake squealStender, M; Tiedemann, M; Hoffmann, L; Hoffmann, N
2019-10-13Energy harvesting below the onset of flutterStender, M; Tiedemann, M; Hoffmann, N
2019-06-01Establishing a common database of ice experiments and using machine learning to understand and predict ice behaviorKellner, L; Stender, M; von Bock und Polach, RUF; Herrnring, H; Ehlers, S; Hoffmann, N; Høyland, KV
2018-07-01Impact of an irregular friction formulation on dynamics of a minimal model for brake squealStender, M; Tiedemann, M; Hoffmann, N; Oberst, S
2021Numerical analysis of dynamic hysteresis in tape springs for space applicationsMartin, R; Oberst, S; Stender, M
2019-08-01Reconstruction of governing equations from vibration measurements for geometrically nonlinear systemsDidonna, M; Stender, M; Papangelo, A; Fontanela, F; Ciavarella, M; Hoffmann, N
2019-01-10Recovery of Differential Equations from Impulse Response Time Series Data for Model Identification and Feature ExtractionStender, M; Oberst, S; Hoffmann, N
2019-12-01Revealing transitions in friction-excited vibrations by nonlinear time-series analysisStender, M; Di Bartolomeo, M; Massi, F; Hoffmann, N
2020-01-15The extended periodic motion concept for fast limit cycle detection of self-excited systemsJahn, M; Stender, M; Tatzko, S; Hoffmann, N; Grolet, A; Wallaschek, J