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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-30A forensically validated genetic toolkit for the species and lineage identification of the highly trafficked shingleback lizard (Tiliqua rugosa).Brown, AO; Ueland, M; Stuart, BH; Frankham, GJ
2010-01Adipocere formation in a river environmentNotter, SJ; Stuart, BH; Dent, BB; Langlois, NE; Vieira, DN; Busuttil, A; Cusach, D; Beth, P
2021-03An overview of risk investment in the transnational illegal wildlife trade from stakeholder perspectivesBrown, AO; Frankham, GJ; Bond, L; Stuart, BH; Johnson, RN; Ueland, M
2017-09-01The analysis of textiles associated with decomposing remains as a natural training aid for cadaver-detection dogsNizio, KD; Ueland, M; Stuart, BH; Forbes, SL
1997-01-01The application of fourier transform raman spectroscopy to polymer tribologyStuart, BH
1998-01-01Application of Raman spectroscopy to the tribology of polymersStuart, BH
2023-12-01Assessing the impact of habitat and captivity status on volatilome profiles of the illegally traded shingleback, Tiliqua rugosaBrown, AO; Frankham, GJ; Stuart, BH; Ueland, M
2016-03-04Capillary-driven microfluidic paper-based analytical devices for lab on a chip screening of explosive residues in soilUeland, M; Blanes, L; Taudte, RV; Stuart, BH; Cole, N; Willis, P; Roux, C; Doble, P
2011-10-01Characterisation of poly(vinyl alcohol)-montmorillonite composites with higher clay contentsIp, KH; Stuart, BH; Thomas, PS; Ray, A
2005-05-01Characterization of adipocere formation in animal speciesForbes, SL; Stuart, BH; Dent, BB; Fenwick-Mulcahy, S
2008-02-15Characterization of aminated polyethylene terephthalate surfaces for biomedical applicationsNissen, KE; Stuart, BH; Stevens, MG; Baker, AT
2001-03-15Characterization of PET films modified by tetraethylenepentamine (TTEPA)Nissen, KE; Stevens, MG; Stuart, BH; Baker, AT
2007-07-01Characterization of the triacylglycerol crystal formation in adipose tissue during a vehicle collisionStuart, BH; Notter, SJ; Langlois, N; Maynard, P; Ray, A; Berkahn, M
1991-01-01A comparison of thermal- and solvent-induced relaxation of poly(ether ether ketone) using Fourier transform Raman spectroscopyBriscoe, BJ; Stuart, BH; Thomas, PS; Williams, DR
2017-03-20Decomposition in Aquatic EnvironmentsStuart, BH; Ueland, M
2017-03-20Degradation of Clothing in Depositional EnvironmentsStuart, BH; Ueland, M
2017-10-05Degradation patterns of natural and synthetic textiles on a soil surface during summer and winter seasons studied using ATR-FTIR spectroscopyUeland, M; Howes, JM; Forbes, SL; Stuart, BH
2015-09-11Detection of decomposition volatile organic compounds in soil following removal of remains from a surface deposition sitePerrault, KA; Stefanuto, PH; Stuart, BH; Rai, T; Focant, JF; Forbes, SL
2003-07-03DSC characterisation of compression moulded PEEK-PTFE plaquesThomas, PS; Stuart, BH
2012-01-01The Effect of Body Coverings on the Formation of Adipocere in an Aqueous EnvironmentNotter, SJ; Stuart, BH