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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A Baseband-Noise-Cancelling Mixer-First CMOS Receiver Frontend Attaining 220 MHz IF Bandwidth With Positive-Capacitive-Feedback TIAWang, H; Guo, B; Wang, Y; Fan, R; Sun, L
2022-01-25A novel cooperative searching architecture for multi‐unmanned aerial vehicles under restricted communicationRan, H; Sun, L; Cheng, S; Ma, Y; Yan, S; Meng, S; Shi, K; Wen, S
2021-06A Novel Local Community Detection Method Using Evolutionary Computation.Lyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L
2020-01-01A Novel Multi-Task Optimization Algorithm Based on the Brainstorming ProcessLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L
2023-10-19A review of effect of compaction methods on cold recycling asphalt mixturesLiu, Z; Sun, L
2017-12-01An adaptive power-split strategy for battery-supercapacitor powertrain-design, simulation, and experimentSun, L; Feng, K; Chapman, C; Zhang, N
2023-06An Unsupervised Image Denoising Method Using a Nonconvex Low-Rank Model with TV RegularizationChen, T; Xiang, Q; Zhao, D; Sun, L
2023-01-28Analysis of fatigue behaviors of asphalt mixture under actual loading waveforms using pseudo-strain-based approachesCheng, H; Sun, L; Wang, Y; Chen, X
2023-02-02Analysis of Ice Phenology of Middle and Large Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau.Sun, L; Wang, B; Ma, Y; Shi, X; Wang, Y
2023-03-10Anti-aging mechanism and rheological properties of lignin, quercetin, and gallic acid as antioxidants in asphaltSun, L; Gu, X; Hu, D; Zhou, Z; Wang, G
2016-09-23Atomically thin lateral p-n junction photodetector with large effective detection areaXu, ZQ; Zhang, Y; Wang, Z; Shen, Y; Huang, W; Xia, X; Yu, W; Xue, Y; Sun, L; Zheng, C; Lu, Y; Liao, L; Bao, Q
2015-01-01Bayesian fusion using conditionally independent submaps for high resolution 2.5D mappingSun, L; Vidal-Calleja, T; Miro, JV
2014-01-01Cloud service selection: State-of-the-art and future research directionsSun, L; Dong, H; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK; Chang, E
2016-04-01Cloud-FuSeR: Fuzzy ontology and MCDM based cloud service selectionSun, L; Ma, J; Zhang, Y; Dong, H; Hussain, FK
2022-01-01Community Detection Based on Surrogate NetworkLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L
2022-01-01Community detection in multiplex networks based on evolutionary multi-task optimization and evolutionary clustering ensembleLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L; Lin, CT
2021-06-01Comparing surface erosion processes in four soils from the Loess Plateau under extreme rainfall eventsSun, L; Zhou, JL; Cai, Q; Liu, S; Xiao, J
2016-11-28Constrained sampling of 2.5D probabilistic maps for augmented inferenceShi, L; Miro, JV; Zhang, T; Vidal-Calleja, T; Sun, L; Dissanayake, G
2020-04-01Cooperative coevolution of real predator robots and virtual robots in the pursuit domainSun, L; Lyu, C; Shi, Y