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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-15Bienzymatic modification of polymeric membranes to mitigate biofoulingMehrabi, Z; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Asadnia, M; Razmjou, A
2018-10-30Biosensors for wastewater monitoring: A review.Ejeian, F; Etedali, P; Mansouri-Tehrani, H-A; Soozanipour, A; Low, Z-X; Asadnia, M; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Razmjou, A
2020-07-01Domino P-µMB: A New Approach for the Sequential Immobilization of Enzymes Using Polydopamine/Polyethyleneimine Chemistry and MicrofabricationChangani, Z; Razmjou, A; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Asadnia, M
2022-03-01Hyaluronidase enzyme conjugated polyamidoamine dendrimer: An efficient and stable nanobiocatalyst for enzymatic degradation of hyaluronic acidSoozanipour, A; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Razmjou, A; Asadnia, M
2021-10-01Ion Selective Nanochannels: From Critical Principles to Sensing and Biosensing ApplicationsSoozanipour, A; Sohrabi, H; Abazar, F; Khataee, A; Noorbakhsh, A; Asadnia, M; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Majidi, MR; Razmjou, A
2021-01-01Recent developments in enzyme immobilization technology for high-throughput processing in food industries.Taheri-Kafrani, A; Kharazmi, S; Nasrollahzadeh, M; Soozanipour, A; Ejeian, F; Etedali, P; Mansouri-Tehrani, H-A; Razmjou, A; Yek, SM-G; Varma, RS
2020-06Surface modification of polypropylene membrane for the removal of iodine using polydopamine chemistry.Changani, Z; Razmjou, A; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Warkiani, ME; Asadnia, M
2015-08-25Xylanase Immobilized on Novel Multifunctional Hyperbranched Polyglycerol-Grafted Magnetic Nanoparticles: An Efficient and Robust Biocatalyst.Landarani-Isfahani, A; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Amini, M; Mirkhani, V; Moghadam, M; Soozanipour, A; Razmjou, A