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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Feb-2016Data rate maximization based power allocation for OFDM System in a high-speed train environmentSheng, Z; Tuan, HD; Fang, Y; Tam, HHM; Sun, Y
1-Dec-2017Energy-efficient precoding in multicell networks with full-duplex base stationsSheng, Z; Tuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH; Fang, Y
1-Jan-2013Joint design of user power allocation and relay beamforming in two-way MIMO relay networksKha, HH; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH; Tam, HHM
1-Feb-2017Joint Load Balancing and Interference Management for Small-Cell Heterogeneous Networks with Limited Backhaul CapacityTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Dec-2017Joint power allocation for MIMO-OFDM full-duplex relaying communicationsTuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Tam, HHM
1-May-2017MIMO Energy Harvesting in Full-Duplex Multi-User NetworksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Jan-2013Optimized linear precoder in MIMO interference channel using D.C. programmingTam, HHM; Che, E; Tuan, HD
5-Feb-2014Power minimization in MU-MIMO cellular network under rate constraintsTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Che, E
9-Feb-2017Power splitting for MIMO energy harvesting in multi-user networksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Duong, TQ
1-Jun-2017Precoding design for Han-Kobayashi's signal splitting in MIMO interference networksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Nguyen, HH
1-Jun-2016Successive Convex Quadratic Programming for Quality-of-Service Management in Full-Duplex MU-MIMO Multicell NetworksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT
1-Jun-2015Successive interference mitigation in multiuser MIMO channelsChe, E; Tuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH
1-Nov-2017Superposition Signaling in Broadcast Interference NetworksTuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Jan-2015User pairing and precoder design with Han-kobayashi transmission strategy in MU-MIMO multicell networksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Che, E