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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-16A Container-Usage-Pattern-Based Context Debloating Approach for Object-Sensitive Pointer AnalysisHe, D; Gui, Y; Li, W; Tao, Y; Zou, C; Sui, Y; Xue, J
2022-05-01A Human-Machine Reinforcement Learning Method for Cooperative Energy ManagementTao, Y; Qiu, J; Lai, S; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Wang, G
2020-10-01An exploratory study of bugs in extended reality applications on the webLi, S; Wu, Y; Liu, Y; Wang, D; Wen, M; Tao, Y; Sui, Y; Liu, Y
2017-10-19Dipole Order in Halide Perovskites: Polarization and Rashba Band SplittingsHu, S; Gao, H; Qi, Y; Tao, Y; Li, Y; Reimers, JR; Bokdam, M; Franchini, C; Di Sante, D; Stroppa, A; Ren, W
2012-06-06Efficient computation of range aggregates against uncertain location-based queriesZhang, Y; Lin, X; Tao, Y; Zhang, W; Wang, H
2021-01-01Hard Carbon Anodes: Fundamental Understanding and Commercial Perspectives for Na-Ion Batteries beyond Li-Ion and K-Ion CounterpartsZhao, LF; Hu, Z; Lai, WH; Tao, Y; Peng, J; Miao, ZC; Wang, YX; Chou, SL; Liu, HK; Dou, SX
2009-07-08Querying communities in relational databasesQin, L; Yu, JX; Chang, L; Tao, Y
2022-01-15Robust energy systems scheduling considering uncertainties and demand side emission impactsWang, Y; Qiu, J; Tao, Y
2020-12Seizure Prediction Using Directed Transfer Function and Convolution Neural Network on Intracranial EEG.Wang, G; Wang, D; Du, C; Li, K; Zhang, J; Liu, Z; Tao, Y; Wang, M; Cao, Z; Yan, X
2015-01-27Super Resolution Imaging and Tracking of Protein-Protein Interactions in Sub Diffraction Cellular SpaceLiu, Z; Xing, D; Su, QP; Zhu, Y; Zhang, J; Kong, X; Xue, B; Wang, S; Sun, H; Tao, Y; Sun, Y
2014-07-17Super-resolution imaging and tracking of protein-protein interactions in sub-diffraction cellular spaceLiu, Z; Xing, D; Su, QP; Zhu, Y; Zhang, J; Kong, X; Xue, B; Wang, S; Sun, H; Tao, Y; Sun, Y
2023-01-01The Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder Through Wearable fNIRS by Using Wavelet Transform and Parallel-CNN Feature FusionWang, G; Wu, N; Tao, Y; Lee, WH; Cao, Z; Yan, X; Wang, G
2022-12-01The Joint Method of Triple Attention and Novel Loss Function for Entity Relation Extraction in Small Data-Driven Computational Social SystemsGao, H; Huang, J; Tao, Y; Hussain, W; Huang, Y
2016-08-15An ultra-low bandgap diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-based polymer with balanced ambipolar charge transport for organic field-effect transistorsJiang, T; Xue, Z; Ford, M; Shaw, J; Cao, X; Tao, Y; Hu, Y; Huang, W
2009-07-08Uncertain location based range aggregates in a multi-dimensional spaceZhang, Y; Lin, X; Tao, Y; Zhang, W