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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Accounting & audit quality surveillance: a working solution for regulators & exchangesLai, C; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Skeete, H
2007-09-01Accounting losses and earnings conservatism: Evidence from Australian Generally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesBalkrishna, H; Coulton, JJ; Taylor, SL
2021-07Add-on azithromycin reduces sputum cytokines in non-eosinophilic asthma: an AMAZES substudy.Shukla, SD; Taylor, SL; Gibson, PG; Barker, D; Upham, JW; Yang, IA; Reynolds, PN; Hodge, S; James, AL; Rogers, GB; Simpson, JL
2022-06-01Are analysts' cash flow forecasts associated with improved earnings quality? Australian evidenceCoulton, JJ; Saune, N; Taylor, SL
2020-11-23Asymmetric Timeliness in Earnings: Insights from Earnings DisaggregationJackson, AB; Shan, Y; Taylor, SL
2009-01Audit quality, earnings quality and the cost of equity capitalLi, Y; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Wong, L; Faff, R
1995-01-01Auditor brand name reputations and industry specializationsCraswell, AT; Francis, JR; Taylor, SL
2006-01Auditor conservatism and audit quality: Evidence from IPO earnings forecastsLee, PJ; Taylor, SB; Taylor, SL
1996-01-01Australian IPO pricing in the short and long runLee, PJ; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
2004-11-01Corporate governance, insider ownership and operating performance of Australian initial public offeringsBalatbat, MCA; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
2013-10-02Costs of Mandatory IFRS: Evidence of Reduced Accrual ReliabilityLai, CY; Li, Y; Shan, Y; Taylor, SL
1999-01-01Directors’ recommendations on takeover bids and the management of earnings: Evidence from Australian takeoversEddey, PH; Taylor, SL
-Do High-Quality Auditors Improve Non-GAAP Reporting?Feng, Z; Francis, JR; Shan, Y; Taylor, SL
2009-01Errors in estimating unexpected accruals in the presence of large changes in net external financingShan, Y; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS; Faff, R
2008-12-01Estimating and validating a firm-year-specific measure of conservatism: Australian evidenceLai, C; Taylor, SL
2021-08-13How Important Are Semi-Annual Earnings Announcements? An Information Event PerspectiveTaylor, SL; Tong, A
2017-08-08How Test Power Impacts Research Relevance: The Case of Earnings Management ResearchFeng, Z; Shan, Y; Taylor, SL
1999-01-01The impact of statutory sanctions on the level and information content of voluntary corporate disclosureBrown, P; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
2010-12-01Impacts of detritus from the invasive alga Caulerpa taxifolia on a soft sediment communityTaylor, SL; Bishop, MJ; Kelaher, BP; Glasby, TM
2014-01-01The Informativeness of Dividends and Associated Tax CreditsCoulton, JJ; Ruddock, CMS; Taylor, SL